Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander Novel Chapter 540

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander Novel Chapter 540

Chapter 540 

Before going to work the next day, Natalie went to Lena’s room. She had been thinking about what Trevon had told her last night. 

Trevon went to work early. Natalie had more freedom to work, so she only drove to work after helping the children at home wash up. 

The door to Lena’s room was not closed. It was half open, but the polite Natalie knocked on the already open door. “Lena, can I come in?” 

Lena, who was sitting on the bed, happened to be applying ointment. The cold wind in winter was more bone-chilling. It was especially difficult for Elderly people with rheumatism and knee arthritis to endure. They basically had to eat medicine and apply ointment nonstop. 

“Natalie, come in. Why aren’t you going to work yet?” After applying the last bit of ointment, Lena lowered her pants. 

Natalie sat on the edge of the bed and glanced at the trash can. There was no shell of painkillers, so she asked with concern, “Lena, have you been feeling unwell recently?” 


Lena lowered her head and minded her own business as she tidied up the ointment. Her tone was very relaxed, and there was nothing unusual about it as she said, “Kiddo, I’ve been wandering around you every day. What’s there to feel unwell about? I take my blood pressure twice every day, and all I have is these two old legs hurting sometimes, nothing else. All old people have rheumatism, so don’t worry. Go to work.” 

Natalie was skeptical, so she still planned to persuade Lena to go to the hospital for a checkup another day. “Really?” 

“Really.” Lena’s eyes were firm. 

“Alright, use the massager my brother gave you. If you have nothing to do, massage more. It can relieve the pain in your legs.” 

“Got it. Hurry up and go to work. Don’t worry about me. There are so many people at home. I don’t have to do any work at all. I’m so free every day that I can only wander around.” 

“Then I’m going to work. If you’re not feeling well, you have to tell me. You can’t hide it from me, okay?” Natalie stood up and said worriedly. 

Lena agreed readily. She watched her filial goddaughter go downstairs and looked at her back. His eyes began to shine. She was finally relieved. 

When Natalie arrived downstairs, she said, “Grandpa, I’m going to work.” 

Theo stood up with his walking stick. “Girl, I’ll get the driver to send you there.” 

“There’s no need. Grandpa, I plan to take my bike there. I miss riding it, hehe.” The weather was not that cold today, and the warm sun was already shining on the ground. 

Theo nodded and did not object. He only instructed, “Then be careful. Ride slower.” 

“Got it.” Natalie took the helmet and went straight to the garage to ride the motorcycle that her grandfather had given her. She opened the protective cover, and the bright, reflective body of the motorcycle was conspicuous in the dark garage. 

She remembered the scene when her grandfather gave her the bike, but she was no longer sad. She smiled as she stepped onto the bike. Starting the engine, she felt the wind’s caress again. It was at a constant speed, not fast at all. She no longer needed freedom or excitement. She only needed to remember her grandfather’s good deeds and preserve this beautiful love he had left for her. 

About half an hour later, the bike stopped in the station’s parking lot. She took off her helmet, shook her head, hung the helmet on the bike, and tidied her hair. When her colleagues who came to work at the same time saw her, they all ran over to ask. 

“Natalie, you know how to drive a motorcycle? It’s amazing. I like it too, but I can only like it and don’t know how to drive it.” A colleague/approached and touched the bike enviously. Her tone was filled with regret. 

“If you like it, why don’t you learn it?” Natalie asked with a smile. She picked up the helmet and held it in one hand. 

“I don’t have the guts. I’m timid, but I’m envious of these cool things,” The girl said embarrassedly. 

Natalie could not advise her on such matters, so she could only smile and say, “Then safety comes first. The cars are quite good too. They can shelter us from the wind and rain.” 

After work. 

Natalie rode home. During this time, Trevon asked her if she wanted him to pick her up. She told him that she drove there herself and did not need him to pick her up. 

When she got home, Natalie immediately went to see the children. She kissed Jasper downstairs and said, “Grandpa, Mom, I’ll go see the child.” 


Rachel said calmly, “Alright. She’s still asleep. If she wakes up, change her diapers.” 

“Okay, Jasper. Mommy will go and see your sister. You can play downstairs for a while.” 

Jasper said concisely, “Okay.” 

Theo glanced at Natalie’s back as she went upstairs. He felt that he still had to remind his great-grandson about his lack of words. He could not let Jasper grow up to be like his grandson, speaking like every word was squeezed out between his teeth. “Little Jasper.” 

Jasper was repairing the plane that Ruby accidentally broke as he said, “Yeah.” 

Theo stroked Jasper’s hair dotingly and said, “Jasper, can we say a few more words next time? For example, when Mommy spoke to you just now, you could say okay, sure. Can you say these two words?” 

Jasper did not quite understand why he had to talk more. He looked at Theo’s loving face in confusion. Theo said, “Haha, you don’t understand, right? I will explain it to you. If you talk to Daddy to tell him that you’re very happy today, and you say to Daddy, ‘Daddy, Daddy, I’m especially happy today. Can I share it with you? Then, you say a lot of things. By the time you finish. Your father says, ‘Okay’. Jasper, would you like this answer?” 

Jasper thought about it and shook his head. However, when he thought about it again, he realized that this sounded exactly like what his father would do. His father rarely said many words, and his mother never said anything to him. 

Theo could see the doubt in his great-grandson’s eyes. “Are you trying to say that Dad is the same?” 

Jasper nodded. 

“Daddy can’t be saved anymore. Only your mother can treat him. We can’t learn from Daddy and not be liked by girls, understand?” 

Jasper nodded again. 

“Stop playing with this toy plane. Your Daddy will fix it when he comes back.” Theo felt that if Trevon could not even fix such a little thing for Jasper, Trevon would be absolutely useless. 

After a while, the man who was despised returned and brought the cold wind into the living room. 

As soon as he entered the room, he saw a pair of big and small eyes staring at him from the sofa. Theo was staring at his grandson because Trevon had set a bad example for his great-grandson for being a man of too few words. Jasper was staring at Trevon because his great-grandfather said that his father could fix the toy plane, so he was looking forward to his father fixing it. 

Trevon felt his hair stand on end from being stared at. The gaze was too straightforward, and he coughed. “Ahem, Grandpa, if you have something to say, say it. You’re staring at me like I’ve done something wrong.” 

The man sat down beside Theo and carried his son to sit on his knee. Theo was quite satisfied with this action. “Help Jasper repair his toy plane.” 

Trevon glanced at the broken toy plane on the table. The parts seemed to be broken, too. When he picked up the plane, it made a sound. Usually, it could not be repaired. If he wanted to repair it, he had to buy the parts that matched. Thus, he might as well buy one. He said, “This is broken. Buy another one.” 

Bang! The sound of the walking stick hitting the floor sounded, causing Trevon to frown. He did not know how he had offended his grandfather. 

After a while, Theo said, “What kind of father are you? It’s a good thing that Jasper wants to repair it. Are you going to buy a new one whenever something is broken? Money doesn’t fall from treess. Look at how your wife taught your son. Can’t you think of a way? What else can you do if you can’t even repair a toy plane? Only Natalie doesn’t despise you.” 

Trevon was speechless. He was not a professional in repairing things. 

Helpless, he could not withstand his grandfather’s deterrence and could only put down Jasper and pick up the plane on the table to study it. From his grandfather’s attitude, he knew that if he could not repair it today, he would have nothing to eat. 

He felt like he was being forced to do his homework. “I’ll fix it. I will try, but it might not be 100% fixed. How did this break?” 

Based on Trevon’s understanding of Jasper, Jasper cherished the gifts he had given to him very much and was very careful. If he were not very familiar with the operating system of the plane, he would fly it at most a few inches high. Only when he was familiar with it would he fly it high. 

Jasper lied through his teeth. He placed his hands behind his back and intertwined them. “My hands slipped.” 

The conversation between the father and son happened to be overheard by Natalie, who was coming downstairs. She narrowed her eyes and looked at her son. She was surprised that Jasper had actually learned to take the blame at such a young age. It was clearly Ruby who broke it. 

Seeing his mother come down, Jasper avoided her gaze and looked away, feeling guilty. 

Natalie did not expose him. She planned to ask why he was lying when Trevon was not around. After all, it was a bad habit for children to lie. 


“You’re back?” 

“Yes, Jasper said that his hand slipped and the plane fell. I’ll try to see if it can be repaired. I’m afraid that Grandpa won’t let me eat at the table if it can’t be repaired,” Trevon said helplessly. 

Natalie said, “Try it. It’s fine if you really can’t repair it. Jasper, right? We’ve tried. We’ll be fine as long as we try our best.” 

Jasper did not dare to look at his mother because he was lying. He only nodded. Then, he thought of Theo’s teaching just now and lowered his head to answer, “Yes, Mom.” 

Theo felt that his great-grandson was especially smart and learned very quickly. Then, he looked at his grandson, who was repairing the plane, in disdain. 

The plane most likely could not be repaired. However, Trevon was rebellious all of a sudden and insisted on repairing it. 

After dinner, Jasper was brought upstairs by Rachel after playing for a while. Lena went to bed early. This made Natalie feel that something was wrong and a little worried. 

In the living room downstairs. 

Only Trevon was left. He was a lonely figure, but he was filled with fatherly love. He lowered his head and was seriously repairing the plane. The table was filled with small tools, screwdrivers, glue, and so on. 

His neck hurt from the repair work, but he still could not fly the toy plane. The components inside no longer shook and made sounds, but it just could not fly. It looked like a good plane, but no matter how good a plane was, it was not a good plane if it could not take off. 

He pinched his aching eyebrows. Natalie coaxed the child to sleep and came down to check. Seeing that Trevon was still trying to repair the toy plane and pinching his eyebrows, she advised, “It’s fine if you can’t fix it. Didn’t you already tell Jasper?” 

“He’ll be disappointed. Go to sleep first. I’ll try something else.” 

“What else, buy a new one?” She did not leave but sat down on the sofa. 

Half an hour later, Natalie finally knew what the new method was. He had indeed bought a new one. However, he did not directly give Jasper a new one. Instead, he dismantled the plane that Jim bought in the middle of the night, placed the undamaged parts inside the old toy plane that had cracked, and glued it back together. 

Those without X-ray vision would not be able to tell that the plane had been replaced with párts. As for the outer shell, Trevon was afraid that his grandfather would find out, so he let Jim take it away. 

The bitter Jim was also speechless. He had already crawled into bed and was almost in dreamland. However, his boss forcefully took him off the bed with a call. On a cold day, he was asked to think of a way to buy a new toy plane, the parts in it mainly. 

Jim Hawk thought, “Why would I buy a toy plane that can’t fly with nothing inside? As a decoration?” 

The toy plane took off as usual and circled the living room. Natalie gave Trevon a thumbs-up. “You’re awesome.” 

Unfortunately, Jim had suffered.

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander Novel

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander Novel

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