Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander Novel Chapter 544

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander Novel Chapter 544

Chapter 544 

Outside the door. 

After the surgery, these men did not plan to stay any longer. They had already completed what their wife had instructed 

them to do. 

Edward and Frank said at the same time, “Let’s go. Let us know if there’s anything wrong.” 

Trevon nodded and replied faintly, “Okay.” He did not say thank you. 

Edward and Frank said exactly the same thing. Hackett couldn’t help but tease, “Your relationship is so good that you share the same thoughts now?” 

Frank couldn’t be bothered with Hackett. He looked at Hackett as if he was looking at an idiot before striding out with Edward. 

Hackett, who had yet to take a step forward, was not satisfied with Frank’s gaze. He shouted at him, “Damn it, why do look at me like that?” 


Seeing they’ve walked a few steps away, Hackett quickly caught up with them. He grabbed Frank’s shoulder and was pushed away by him. Frank raised a hand in the air and waved at Trevon. 

Hackett refused to give up. He put his arm around Frank’s shoulder again. “Wait for me. Why are you walking so fast? Are you trying to prove you have long legs?” 

This time, Frank did not push Hackett away. He teased, “Even if I walk slower, it can’t hide the fact that you have short legs.” 

Hackett glanced at his legs. He didn’t believe he had short legs. He turned to Edward and asked,/Am I short?” 

Edward gave a mysterious look at Hackett’s legs and did not comment. He threw the ball back to Hackett. “Let’s see how you define short.” 

Hackett was speechless. He was 5.9 feet tall, but he was shorter than Frank by a few inches. He would’ve been as tall as Frank if he wore a pair of thicker shoes. 

If 5.9 feet in height would be considered short, then 5.6 feet would definitely be considered crippled. So what did they mean he got short legs? 

Hackett had reason to suspect that Frank was being dirty and had a special meaning by saying he had short legs. There was a hidden meaning behind his words. 

Frank grinned and walked to his car. He did not intend to continue discussing Hackett’s short legs. The three cars were parked side by side. He had not seen his sister for a few days. Frank was a little worried. He reminded Edward, “Don’t let Rose drive.” 

Hackett spoke before Edward could. He was speaking for Edward and helped him gain some good impressions. “Your words are completely unnecessary. My wife has already been officially conferred the title of guardian angel by the entire family. Her duty is to protect your sister, who is also his wife. As long as she’s in the hospital, she has to take care of your sister at all times. If anything happens to her, my wife will be removed from the Landor family.” 

Frank chuckled, but he was satisfied. “I’m leaving. Oh, right, Grace Roberts said that the contract at the dock is void. You can arrange your own boat in the future.” 

Edward said, “Okay. I’ll bring Rose home tonight.” 

Hackett slouched on Edward’s shoulder and leaned against him lazily. “You’ve made a killing, haven’t you? You’ve married a wife and earned a dock.” 

Edward took a step back without any warning. He was full of disdain. Hackett almost fell to the ground since he was not paying attention. “Fuck you.” 

Amidst Hackett’s cursing, Edward had already gotten into the car, started the engine, and left. 

Then, a few days passed. 

Because Lena was special to Natalie, the people in the base took special care of her and cared about her recovery. They checked on her several times a day, including Natalie. As her daughter, she brought food from the cafeteria every day to eat 

with Lena. 

Occasionally, she would bring her son here to visit Lena and eat with her. 

Lena had been well taken care of by Natalie, and her recovery was going great. She was sitting on the bed and eating at the moment. Natalie brought some oatmeal for her. Trevon did not want Natalie to go out and buy oatmeal every day. This rich man simply decided to hire a chef who specialized in making breakfast. Every day, he cooked oatmeal for Lena around the 

same time. 

“Lena, don’t eat too much. You should eat a little each time and increase the number of meals throughout the day. You can eat when you’re hungry later.” 


Lena did not know that Trevon had hired someone to cook oatmeal for her. She thought that Natalie had bought it from outside. If she had multiple meals a day, she believed it would be too troublesome for her child. “It’s fine. I don’t have much appetite now. I’ll be full after eating this.” 

Natalie stopped her. “You can’t do that. Your stomach needs to be nourished. Let’s take it slow. We are not in a hurry. You can’t eat too much. Don’t be afraid of troubling me. Your son-in-law hired someone to cook oatmeal for has been spent. You can’t let him not work after getting paid.” 

you. The 


Lena said “He is being too much. Natalie, I have already recovered a lot. Don’t sleep here anymore at night.” Natalie still had three children at home. Ever since the surgery, she had been staying with Lena. 

Trevon had been playing the role of a nanny at home. He was sleeping alone with the three children. 

“Don’t even think about it. I’ll go home when you’re discharged. If I am going home, I’ll go back with you. Don’t even think about asking me to leave.” How could she leave Lena alone in the hospital? To Lena, Natalie was her only family in this 


As for Natalie, she was Lena’s daughter and had to do her duty. The children at home were still young and there were many people taking care of them. Lena only had her. 

Seeing her being stubborn, Lena knew that once Natalie was like this, there was no way to change it. So she decided to let it stay this way. “Alright, I’ll do as you say.” 

During lunch break, Sherri brought Rose to the ward. When she pushed open the door, she saw Natalie wiping Lena’s hands with a towel. The scene was very warm and touching. They almost didn’t want to disturb them. 

“Lena, are you feeling better?” Sherri knew that Lena could not eat fruits or hard food. Lena was quite particular about food, so she could only buy flowers. 

When Natalie saw the two of them, she carried the basin to the bathroom. After a while, she came out and pulled a chair for Rose to sit on. She reminded her, “Rose, you’re pregnant. You don’t have to come here.” She couldn’t bear the consequences of anything happening to Rose. 

Rose said lightly, “Don’t worry, I am quite strong and tough. Sherri drives very slowly on her way here.” 

“I came at a low speed. I wouldn’t even dare to stomp on the accelerator or brake because I was afraid that I would hurt her. I’m very reliable, right, Lena?” 

Sherri took out the flowers, placed them in a vase, and said. 

– Lena nodded and smiled. She looked at Rose’s stomach and felt even more embarrassed. She felt guilty. “You kids always 

care about me. Rose, you’re not allowed to come again. Your health is more important than mine right now. You’re pregnant.” 

Rose was very behaved in front of elders. She patted her stomach gently and replied with a smile, “Lena, I understand. I’ll be careful. Don’t worry. The little thing has already taken root in me. It won’t be able to escape.” 

After chatting for half an hour, they had to leave early since Sherri drove slowly. Before the car started, Natalie leaned against the driver’s window and bent down. She advised Sherri, “Drive slowly. You’d rather be late than drive fast. Do you hear me?” 

Sherri answered, “I heard you, Grandma Natalie. Let’s go. Why did you become so talkative and caring?” 

“Remember to drive slowly,” Natalie reminded Sherri again after the car started. 

Sherri was nodding so fast that she almost dropped her head to the ground. 

On the day Lena was discharged from the hospital, Trevon personally went to pick her up. The man put down his pride and bent down to carry Lena’s belongings from the hospital. He did not ask the bodyguards for help and did everything himself. He also listened carefully to the doctor’s instructions for discharge. 

Back to the Wilson’s residence. 

Lena sat in the living room and chatted with Theo. Trevon and Natalie went to Lena’s room. The room had already been cleaned. Rachel had instructed the servants to clean it early in the morning. The windows had been opened to let in some 


In the living room downstairs, Theo was afraid that Lena would have some concerns. “Natalie is kind-hearted. Lena, you don’t have to worry. Just let her serve you and spend time with you. There’s nothing wrong with that. Next, we’ll help you take care of your health. When you are fully recovered, Natalie won’t have any burdens. So, the next task is for you to recuperate. Don’t think that you’ll be a burden to her.” 

“You’re different from us to the girl. We’ve only known her for a while, and you have been with her since her childhood. For the sake of Natalie, we have to take good care of ourselves. We have to take medicine and follow the doctor’s instructions. We are not busy, we can tend to flowers for hobbies. If you want to grow some vegetables, we’ll cultivate the empty space next to the house.” 

Theo was afraid that Lena would come up with something in order to not be a burden for everyone, so he analyzed the situation for her. 


Tears slowly welled up in her eyes. Lena understood him. She had watched Natalie grow up. Natalie’s two daughters were still young. She had to make herself healthy. “Theo, I understand.” 

Theo nodded and smiled in relief. “It’s good that you understand. We are old. Parts of our bodies will inevitably need repair. However, we can be healthy for a few more years after our body is fixed. Enjoy life while we can.” 

“Isn’t that right, Jasper?” Theo lovingly stroked Jasper’s head with his hands which were filled with wrinkles. He did it again and again, and Jasper was okay with it. 

When Lena saw this scene, she came to a realization. Whether she was going to be a burden for Natalie depended on what she was going to do, just like what Theo said. 

After being convinced by Theo, Lena was finally released from her complicated feelings. From then on, she was happy every day. This made Natalie much happier. She was initially afraid that Lena would think too much, but in the end, she was happy every day. Lena was even happier than before. 

When she was tired and didn’t want to do her laundry, she asked the servants to help her. She didn’t force herself anymore. 

The Sun was setting in the west. Colorful clouds enveloped the entire courtyard of the Wilson’s residence. The wind breeze was gentle and the branches of trees swayed, bringing with it waves of fragrance. It was the natural smell of flowers and wood. 

Taking a deep breath made one feel refreshed. 

In the courtyard. 

Theo stood at the edge of an empty space. He held his walking stick and stood upright as he commanded, “Pull the grass first before loosening the soil. Don’t you have any common sense?” 

When Natalie returned, this was what she saw. Trevon had taken off his jacket and was wearing a white shirt, trousers, and high boots. He wore white gloves and was bending down to pull weeds in the empty land that had not been tended for a long time. 

A ray of evening light shone on the man’s body. His outfit did not fit in this situation. This outfit was only suitable for sitting in the office for meetings, but now, he was working on grassland. 

She had no choice but to brake. She stepped on the ground to support the bike. She looked at the scene in front of her in a daze. 

Why did Grandpa ask Trevon to weed… However, what was more puzzling was what this place was for. Why did Grandpa have to supervise Trevon from the side? 

When he saw Natalie, Theo’s expression completely changed. His face was beamed with joy. He was extremely loving. “Natalie, you’re back. Hurry up and go in the house. Trevon said that he was free and wanted to set an example for the kids. He wanted Jasper to see how to grow vegetables and cultivate wasteland. He also wanted to experience the hardships of the farmers. He was afraid that he would forget about the contribution of agriculture to the society.” 

Theo spoke in a serious manner without hesitation. It was very smooth. 

Trevon was speechless. When did he say that? He was clearly forced. However, he did not want to waste time and argue with his grandfather. 

Natalie thought to herself, “Isn’t it a little late for him to experience it at this age?” 

She continued to support the bike and took off her black leather gloves. She leaned her upper body against the bike and looked at the busy man with interest. “Grandpa, what are we going to plant here?” 

Theo continued to supervise and urged, “It’s about time. Use the hoe to loosen the soil. After you’re done, pick up all the weeds.” 

Trevon was unwilling. There was already mud stuck to the top of his black pants. The sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up to his elbows, and bean-sized sweat fell from his forehead. 


Theo explained, “I was just thinking of growing some vegetables with Lena. The courtyard is filled with flowers. We wanted to bring some addition of nature to it. We’ll plant some vegetables on the side so that the children can experience the joy of harvesting. This will also prevent them from not knowing where watermelons grow.” 

Natalie liked her grandfather’s idea of education very much and agreed with it. It was indeed how it should be. She just felt a little sorry for Trevon. His grandfather was clearly planning to educate his grandson before educating his great-grandson. 

“Hubby, you can do it. I’ll go park the car.” 

Trevon looked up and gave her a beautiful smile. “Alright.”

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander Novel

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander Novel

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