Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander Novel Chapter 545

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander Novel Chapter 545

Chapter 545 

Time passed quietly. 

In the blink of an eye, it reached Memorial Day. 

the Turner family came to visit their family grave in the morning as usual. However, Joseph Turner was missing this year. The reason was simple. Christina Yamin was pregnant, so he had to stay in Sapphire City to accompany her.” 

After visiting the grave, Mr. Turner, Mrs. Tuner, and Ava Turner bid farewell to Natalie and directly left for the airport to return to Sapphire City. They did not stay for long and left in a hurry. 

Ava and Frank only had a bit of time to meet each other in the car. 

No matter the weather, as long as he could still move, Theo would go to the cemetery to see his late wife every year. Every year, he would say to her, “Old hag, wait for me. I should be almost there. Don’t be anxious.” 

This year, Theo was the happiest. He originally wanted a great-granddaughter, but Natalie gave the Wilson family a surprise and had two kids at once. 

A few months later. 

It was getting closer and closer to the due date of Rose’s pregnancy. There was only one week left. Under the urging of the Landor family and the Roberts family, Rose took an early maternity leave. 

At the Landor family. 

Rose finished her dinner and leaned against the sofa. She placed one hand on her waist. Her waist was very sore. She twisted it. Edward raised his hand to massage her. “Is it sore here? Or is it here?” 

Perhaps it was because he had just pressed the right spot. “Oh, yes, yes, yes. It’s here. Rub it right here.” 

“Am I using too much force?” Edward rubbed it a few times. He wouldn’t dare to use too much strength and asked gently. 

“You are good. I feel much better now.” 

Richard Landor came out of the study and walked down the stairs. He glanced at his loving son and daughter-in-law on the sofa and advised, “You should stay at home starting tomorrow.” 

“Right, right, right. It’s safer this way. For the next few days, you need to stay by Rose’s side. She will feel more at ease with -you at home. The company is not as important right now. Our family’s priority now is to take good care of Rose,” Juana 

Landor agreed with her husband. There was nothing more important than her daughter-in-law giving birth. 

Besides, there was still a week before her due date. Who knew when she would give birth? 

Then, Juana instructed, “Rose, sit for a while longer and go to sleep. Get Edward to stay with you.” 

Rose replied, “Got it, Mom.” 

“Oh, right.” Juana was all over the place. It gave Richard a headache. Fortunately, his daughter-in-law did not care However, she reminded her, “Can’t you talk slowly? Don’t make a fuss. Also, please lower your voice.” 

Juana was not angry at her words. She calmed down and said, “I’m too agitated. I’ll call Sherri and ask her to stay with us for a while. If anything happens at night, she’s a professional after all. She can be useful.” 

Rose was speechless. She turned to look at Edward and smiled. The meaning in her eyes was that his mother seemed to be 

too nervous. 

Edward leaned close to Rose’s ear and replied, “I agree with letting Sherri come over. That way, I’ll feel relieved as well.” 

The call was connected. Juana sat down on an armchair. With one hand on her waist, she said at the top of her voice, “Are you at home or having fun out there?” 

On the other end of the phone, Sherri felt that her mother had installed a GPS on her body. “Mom, how did you know that I’m outside? I’m hanging out with Hackett, Ruby, and Liam.” 

Liam referred to Sherri’s son. It was more convenient to call him that. His real name was Liam Blackwell. 

In the mall, Hackett was holding his daughter. Beside him, Sherri was pushing a small cart. Inside the cart was her son, who couldn’t walk. It was rare for this family of four to come out to the mall. 

It was because the season had changed and the clothes of their son and daughter were not big enough. The couple, who liked to dress 

up, were prepared to come to the mall to buy some new clothes. 

Sherri received the call after they had just finished a meal. They haven’t started shopping yet. Juana glanced at her daughter-in-law on the sofa and gave an order like an empress. “Come to our house after you’re done shopping. Before your sister-in-law gives birth, you’ll stay here to prevent any unexpected situations.” 

Seeing that it was silent on the phone, Juana thought that the signal in the mall was not good and continued to shout, “Did you hear me?” 


“I heard it, I heard it. I’ll come over with Hackett after buying the clothes.” 

There was one benefit to frequenting her parents’ house. She did not need to bring anything with her. She could move in anytime by simply going there. 

After hanging up the phone, Juana asked Edward to help Rose upstairs to rest. Lying in bed should make her feel more comfortable than sitting down. Juana, who had given birth to two children, knew how hard it was. 

In the room, Rose touched her bulging belly and leaned against the back of the bed. Edward took a soft pillow and placed it on her waist. “Are your feet sore? Do you want me to massage them for you?” 

Rose stretched out her legs and said without any pretense, “Massage them, Hubby. I think I’m treated like a queen now. I feel bad for Sherri. She’s been ordered around by her mother for the past few months during my pregnancy. There were a few times when Sherri complained that she was the adopted child while I was the biological one. That was hilarious.” 

Edward massaged her legs and said slowly, “Actually, Mom is very concerned about Sherri. As long as they don’t quarrel for three days, they both will feel uncomfortable. They like this noisy way of getting along. If Mom is very gentle to Sherri, Sherri might think that Mom is being weird. If Mom feels even a little sick, Sherri will leave work and go home right away. She has a sharp tongue but a soft heart.” 

“Hubby, your analysis is very insightful. I think so too. Do you think we are having a boy or a girl? Let me tell you, Sherri wanted to tell me a few times when she did an ultrasound on me, but I didn’t let her. I want to keep it a surprise.” 

“I will be happy with either a boy or a girl. Rose, after giving birth to this child, we won’t have any more children, no matter if this is a boy or girl.” Edward had accompanied her throughout her pregnancy. He tried his best to avoid going on business trips. He usually asked Kyle Jenkins to go in his place. 

As a pediatrician, Rose liked children a lot. She did not agree. She raised her head and said, “That won’t do. My goal is to have at least four children. Our family is too small. I wanted there to be enough people in our family to play two games of Euchre together.” 

Afraid that she would be too agitated, Edward pressed her shoulders. Rose sat upright and began to analyze. She raised her hands and waved them in front of Edward’s eyes. “Look, Sherri is married now. If they’re not around, there’s no one to play card games with. You, me, Dad, and Mom will be enough for a game of Euchre. Then, the one inside my belly won’t be able to join the game, right? If I have three more, wouldn’t it be just right for them to have another game of Euchre?” 

Edward was speechless. He had heard of people who liked children and wanted to keep having children all the time, but he had never heard of someone trying to have children to make up participants to play card games. 

Meeting Rose’s burning gaze, Edward compromised. The alluring Rose could never be refused by Edward. He said in a low voice, “We’ll talk about this after we give birth to this one.” 

Rose wouldn’t listen to him. Edward couldn’t withstand her teasing. She had already mastered the best methods to flirt with Edward and wanted to give birth to as many children as she wanted. This wasn’t up to Edward to decide. She had completely thrown away all birth protections. 

Two and a half hours later. 

There was a commotion downstairs. It was obvious that Sherri and the others had arrived. Rose wanted to go downstairs to take a look. She picked up her phone and looked at the time. It was still early. It was only 9:30. 

When Juana saw her grandson and granddaughter, she quickly ran over and picked up the little guy sitting on the cart. She then held her granddaughter’s hand with the other hand. Richard also quickly put down the magazine in his hand and carried Ruby on his lap. 

“Grandpa, Grandma,” Ruby called out softly and obediently. 

“Hey, did you go buy new clothes with Mom and Dad? Did you buy Ruby little princess dresses?” 

As he spoke, Ruby slid down from Richard’s legs and prepared to take the clothes for her grandparents to see. She rummaged through the bags one by one. Hackett and Sherri were still moving things outside. Clearly, the bags in the living room were not everything that had bought. 

After a while, everyone in the living room heard the sound of the trunk being closed. Hackett’s hands were full, and Sherri’s hands were also full. 

When Rose was helped downstairs by Edward, she saw the entire living room filled with shopping bags. They did not seem like they went shopping in the mall. They seemed like they robbed the entire mall. 

Rose thought, “Their desire for shopping is even bigger than mine.” 

Edward looked at the shopping bags of different colors and sizes in the living room and could not help but frown. He was very speechless. 

Seeing Rose coming down, Sherri was so tired that she threw herself onto the sofa. Hackett politely greeted everyone. He then emptied his hands and sat down beside Sherri to rest. 

Although she was tired, sharing the result of the shopping had always been a woman’s nature. Sherri pulled Hackett’s arm and sat up straight. She moved her butt and said, “Rose…” 


As soon as she said that, a few pairs of eyes stared at her, scaring her so much that she quickly changed her words./She smiled and said, “Sister-in-law, come and take a look. I bought a lot of things.” 

Juana was also having a headache. She glared at her daughter and said, “Only Hackett would allow you to go shopping like this. Is the mall going bankrupt or is there a big sale going on? Why did you buy so much stuff.” 

Hackett coughed dryly. Actually, he had tried to stop her in the mall. However, when Sherri started shopping, she couldn’t even press the brake button on it. She became absolutely crazy and wanted to buy everything she saw. She bought a bit of everything and ended up with this much stuff. “Well, Mom, these are not only for us, but also for my sister-in-law and her child.” 

Hackett helped to explain for Sherri. Then Juana couldn’t stay mad about her daughter, she was being nice because Hackett was present. 

Ruby showed everyone the dresses she had bought. Everyone gave her a good review. Sherri said, “Ruby chose these herself. She didn’t like the dresses that Hackett and I picked for her.” 

Rose and Edward sat on the sofa on the other side. Sherri was looking for something for Rose in a pile of shopping bags. After searching for a while, she found it. “It’s here. Look at the dress I bought for you. I think the color is okay. Actually, I think you look quite good in a dress. You always wear jeans. 

“Isn’t that right, Edward?” 

Edward responded, “Yes, it looks quite good.” It was quite normal. It was just a simple white dress. 

Just as he rehearsed this sentence in his heart, Edward was quite shocked in the next second. Sherri took out a monk robe that looked like a flowery bedsheet. On it was a fiery red peony with green leaves. It was very beautiful and flirtatious, but it was very tiny. 

Sherri raised the clothes in her hand and showed them to everyone in the air. She looked smug as if she was waiting for everyone to praise her. “This looks good, right? I think it looks really good. Let me tell you, if they have my son’s size, I’ll buy it for him too. Isn’t it so unique? I feel your baby would be the coolest baby ever after wearing it. 

“Uh-huh…” After saying that, Sherri added a final note. 

Rose looked at this piece of clothing with a mysterious expression. She could not find any words to describe it. Her expression was indescribable. It was too frivolous. If there was a similar design for adults, Hackett might be more suitable for it. 

At this moment, Rose’s mind was already filled with the image of Hackett wearing an adult-style flower bedsheet and monk attire. 

When Rose smiled, Edward saw it. Sherri, who had been introducing the clothes, didn’t see their expressions. She was still waiting for everyone’s praise. Hackett was looking for clothes they bought for his mother-in-law and the others to win their favor. 

Edward saw Rose’s smile, he leaned closer and asked, “What are you smiling at?” 

Rose lowered Edward’s neck and leaned closer. In a voice that only the two of them could hear, she described the image that she had imagined in her mind to him. 

After saying that, Edward smiled inexplicably. He pressed one hand against his upturned lips and looked at Hackett in front of him with a complicated gaze. That gaze made Hackett, who was rummaging through things, confused/ 

He was very puzzled. Why did he look at him like that? Why was it so strange?

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander Novel

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander Novel

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