Two Times Rejected Luna, the Desires of all Alpha Chapter 19

Two Times Rejected Luna, the Desires of all Alpha Chapter 19

19 Chapter 19 – His Most
Trustworthy Person
“I don’t think she’s strong enough for him. If not, he wouldn’t be here, so I’m recommending you,” Alpha Denzel said, and Adira turned ashen. After all her
years of service and dedication, Alpha Denzel chose to send her to another pack just like that?
Adira fought back the tears welling up in her eyes. The revelation was too shocking and unexpected. Though there were other strong she wolves, they were not capable of managing the pack business alongside the training. Adira hoped it wasn’t what she was thinking.
at?” Pain registered in her eyes as she spoke. Taking a deep breath, she asked Alpha Denzel, “What if I don’t want to go? It’s unfair. You can’t force me.”
After what happened between her and Alpha Idris, she never wanted to be in the same space as him. Besides,
19 Chapter 19-His Most Trustworthy Person
she was in love with Alpha Denzel and didn’t want to
leave his side.
Also, if she leaves, what happens to Valerie, now that she was moved to the packhouse? In the Luna’s chamber for that matter. Adira was feeling hot all over.
Alpha Denzel stared calmly at her, his heart breaking at the sight of her. He poured himself a glass of water. He hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday, and the alcohol and cigar were beginning to worry his stomach.
hy don’t you want to do this? This is part of pack business,” Alpha Denzel reminded her. As the Alpha, he could appoint whomever he wanted to support any pack as needed.
In Adira’s case, Alpha Denzel had lost trust in her, and as a man of few words, this was his style of handling things.
19 Chapter 19-His Most Trustworthy Person
Adira smiled bitterly, remembering that Alpha Idris had specifically requested Luna Valerie, so why then was she the one being sent away? In Alpha Denzel’s eyes, was Valerie, his s lave, more valuable to him than his
“He wanted Valerie, so why are you shipping me off? I have done nothing but taken good care of this pack. It’s equally my home.”
Her voice was stern as she faced Alpha Denzel. This was the first time she had the courage to ever speak to
this manner.
Expecting him to be upset, he was still calm and calculated. No matter what, his true intention for sending her away was locked inside his heart, as he gave out a perfect excuse.
“That is why you are my most trustworthy person. Do
19 Chapter 19-His Most Trustworthy Person
think Valerie would sneak out information to me? I
need you to keep an eye on him for me.”
Adira relaxed when she felt that it wasn’t as she
thought. Alpha Denzel wanted her to be his spy at the Litha Moon pack, but since she didn’t want to be away from him, she wasn’t thrilled about the offer.
“I can do that from here. I hate him. I hate Alpha Idris,” she stated, but Alpha Denzel was upset. He hated lies, but Adira had been lying to him continuously, and he
had reached his limit.
19 Chapter 19-His Most Trustworthy Person
Alpha Denzel felt suffocated and began to expose her.
This wasn’t his style, but he was pushed to the limit this time.
“Is that how it is? That you go about f ucking with the men you hate?”
Adira was speechless, her face drained of color. All this time, Alpha Denzel knew, and yet, he pretended not to. As to how he knew, she could not guess, but was
beginning to wonder how many more secrets he knew about her.
Alpha Denzel should have sent her away a long time ago but decided to keep his enemies closer.
“Alpha, please. I can explain.” Adira’s heart was shattering from the pain of losing Alpha Denzel. She might not be his mate, but after rejecting Valerie, she was certain that he would never find another mate and would have been hers.
19 Chapter 19-His Most Trustworthy Person
The pain in his eyes broke her heart even more, as it was a reflection of the trust he had for her.
“I was just wondering how long you were going to keep things from me.”
Moisture covered Adira’s palms, as she was sweating in the air-conditioned office. Her knees hit the ground as she crawled to where Alpha Denzel sat, but he rose to his feet and moved away before her hands could touch him.
Seeing this, Adira allowed her tears to fall. “I’m not hiding anything. I swear it.”
Alpha Denzel’s hands balled to suppress his anger. No matter what, he couldn’t hurt Adira because she was good before. He just couldn’t figure out exactly when she became like this. “You are not? What about the wolf you just killed?”
19 Chapter 19-His Most Trustworthy Person
Adira was speechless. Did Alpha Denzel have the powers of the moon goddess? How could he have discerned so accurately that she intentionally killed the girl? The remorse in her eyes turned to fear as he continued to expose her.
“You know that isn’t how we do it. If what happened between you and Idris months ago was just an accident without any strings attached, then why did you hide his letters? Why should you allow your emotions to get in the way?”
A few months ago, Denzel had left for Las Vegas when Alpha Idris visited the pack. It wasn’t the first time he visited, but this time, Adira stayed by him, doing more than the job of a host.
They chatted a lot and drank, but they weren’t drunk when they got into bed. When Adira woke up the next morning, she regretted being carried away. Her first
time had hean ronarved for Inha Danzal hut
19 Chapter 19- His Most Trustworthy Person
given to Alpha Idris.
The greedy Alpha wanted more, proposing a relationship since they both hadn’t found their mates, but Adira refused, begging him to keep whatever
happened between them a secret.
Nobody else was aware of this, so how did Alpha Denzel know? Not able to keep up the lies because of her fears of losing Alpha Denzel, she confessed to him,
“Because I love you. You are the one I love.”
Lut the out was
19 Chapter 19-His Most Trustworthy Person
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Two Times Rejected Luna, the Desires of all Alpha

Two Times Rejected Luna, the Desires of all Alpha

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/8/2024 Native Language: English

Two Times Rejected Luna, the Desires of all Alpha" Valerie, the daughter of the murdered Alpha of the Yellow Stone Pack, could never lead the pack because she had a Luna wolf. Her mate, Tristan, was made the Alpha in her stead.

Two Times Rejected Luna, The Desire Of All Alphas

After assuming the title of Alpha, Valerie was set up and brutally rejected, not only by Tristan but also her whole pack, and her kid sister, Scarlet, with whom Tristan had secret affairs. “I reject Luna Valerie as my mate. She was caught in bed with a stranger, meaning that she would sell the pack out. The punishment for treachery is death,” Alpha Tristan announced heartlessly. The chants from the pack members and visiting Alphas who had come for the Alphas' conference attracted them to the judgment. No one thought that Alpha Denzel, whose name caused the hairs on their skin to stand straight due to his ruthlessness, would make it to the conference. Valerie found hope when she realized that Alpha Denzel was her second chance mate, but painstakingly, she was rejected once again. The double rejection caused her to lose her wolf, and she was condemned to die by all the Alphas present. She thought her fate was sealed when Alpha Denzel left and a warrior was ready to execute her. Everyone was shocked when Alpha Denzel suddenly turned around. “Stop! The treacherous daughter of a late Alpha should not be killed. More suffering awaits her,” he declared. Valerie’s heart dropped when she saw his dark look, which was like a bottomless pit, as she blacked out from exhaustion. A few months down the line, there was a war among the Alphas as they began to lay claim to the two-times-rejected Luna. With her wolf dead, will the moon goddess be gracious to give her another wolf? And which Alpha would be able to melt her now cold heart


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