Two Times Rejected Luna, the Desires of all Alpha Chapter 20

Two Times Rejected Luna, the Desires of all Alpha Chapter 20

20 Chapter 20 – Luna Valerie Has
“Love me?” Alpha Denzel smiled bitterly. He was unaware of this part, but it explains the reason for Adira’s ruthlessness towards Valerie, even after knowing that she was innocent. “That is no way to treat someone you love. You disobey my orders and call it love?”
This time, Adira knew the matter concerned Valerie and quickly explained, “She wanted to die already, but she defended herself against me. I’m not the reason why she’s not healing from her injuries, but she looks all innocent while I look guilty because I healed faster than her.”
A storm gathered on Alpha Denzel’s face at the mention of Valerie’s wolf. It was no secret that as most she-wolves became Luna by being mated to an Alpha, Valerie was the only she-wolf with a Luna wolf.
20 Chapter 20-Luna Valerie Has Escaped!
She was born to be a leader, and her wolf was fierce, so how could she not heal? The matter disturbed Alpha Denzel, but his expression did not betray him as he continued to expose Adira. “And yet you lied to my face, making me look like a fool.”
Adira’s offenses, if in a different pack, would have resulted in banishment, but Alpha Denzel had a soft spot for her, disheartened that she took it for granted.
“I’m sorry, Alpha. Please give me a second chance.”
Alpha Denzel chuckled, as he tried to pry more information from her. “Tell me about the wolf you just killed.”
Adira froze, her face as pale as a ghost. Alpha Denzel showed her mercy by sending her to another pack instead of punishing her, so how could she make him regret it by giving out information about the spy wolf?
20 Chapter 20-Luna Valerie Has Escaped!
“I will go with Alpha Idris.”
Alpha Denzel was so shocked and disappointed that he didn’t have the strength to force the information out of
her until she reached the door. The woman who
claimed to love him was nothing like the woman she
was before.
“What do you know about my parents’ death?”
“Nothing,” Adira replied without turning around, but he sed she was lying. The only problem was, he had no roof.
“You lied again. I can choose to banish you, and no pack would take you in.”
Adira’s fingers balled into fists. She already lost him, so why subject herself to torture? Afraid that Alpha
19:12 6.
20 Chapter 20-Luna Valerie Has Escaped!
Denzel would begin to investigate her, she turned
around and asked him,
“You knew that Luna Valerie is innocent, and yet you rejected her. Why?”
Alpha Denzel didn’t blink, immediately replying, “Because the pain of rejection is softer than the broken bond of death.”
Adira’s eyes were clouded with confusion. “You are afraid she will die?”
ne offended me before, and she has to pay,” pha Denzel said seriously. Adira smiled a little. Not even Valerie’s innocence could make Alpha Denzel regret his rejecting her.
“Was she the girl at the club?” She asked curiously. Back then, Alpha Denzel had returned to the pack for
20 Chapter 20-Luna Valerie Has Escaped!
months without showing his face in Las Vegas because of the embarrassment he faced. How could he forgive her? She had to pay.
“Yes,” Alpha Denzel replied. Adira smiled in satisfaction, but the smile wiped from her face when he added, “and she is pretentious and a liar, just like you.”
Adira, knowing she lost that special place in Alpha Denzel’s heart, was comforted by the fact that Valerie would equally not win that spot. “Since you already sent me away, I am no longer answerable to you.”
The corner of Alpha Denzel’s lips curled upwards, but he wasn’t smiling. The main reason he was letting her go was still only known to him.
“You know the only reason I’m letting you go is because of your past dedication to this pack.”
20 Chapter 20-Luna Valerie Has Escaped!
Adira smiled in appreciation. “I appreciate it.”
When the door closed, Alpha Denzel made a call to Las Vegas. “Godic, get someone in the Litha Moon Pack to keep an eye on Adira. I want to know who she meets
and what she does.”
“Alpha, which Adira, please?” Godic was confused and
asked from the end of the line since the Adira he knew
was the beta of the Evergreen pack.
Alpha Denzel explained calmly. There was no regret in his voice. “Adira is no longer my beta. I have sent her
ha Moon Pack. The details are not important
but do as I have instructed.”
“Yes, Alpha,” Godic responded and asked, “so Alpha, who is the new Beta?”
Alpha Denzel already had somebody in mind, but until
20 Chapter 20-Luna Valerie Has Escaped!
it was made official, he saw no reason to let it out at
this moment. “At the right time, you will know.”
Godic wondered what had transpired between his Alpha and Beta, even feeling that no one could do the job of a beta better than Adira. Nevertheless, the instruction to get someone to keep an eye on Adira was enough hint that Adira was not the angel they thought she was.
If not, how would the Alpha still keep his eyes on her after letting her go? Alpha Denzel would have indeed taken her life, but there were still mysteries he was yet to uncover. Somehow, Adira’s refusal to speak about that wolf and the death of his parents made her a greater suspect.
It was wiser for him to use her as bait to get the bigger fish. Whoever it was that took the life of his parents and human mate, Alpha Denzel refused to rest until the person died by his hands.
20 Chapter 20-Luna Valerie Has Escaped!
Before hanging up, he asked, “How is the business?”
“Everything is going well. I sent the video to you an hour ago,” Godic responded from the end of the line.
“Alright. Let me know if there are any issues,” Alpha
Denzel said and ended the call. This was not the time
to check the video, as he had a lot more things to do.
When Adira left, her anger surged, and she rushed to the Luna’s chamber, purposefully to eliminate Luna Valerie and escape.
This was the last thing she planned to do to leave without a trace. She stared at the vacant room in awe. To her shock, Luna Valerie was nowhere to be seen. Adira checked the closet and the washroom, but there was no sign of Luna Valerie. Even her bags were gone.
Adira was upset, fuming with anger. After knowing
20 Chapter 20-Luna Valerie Has Escaped!
Alpha Denzel’s reason for keeping Valerie, Adira was
certain that he couldn’t let her go just like that and began yelling,
“She escaped. Luna Valerie has escaped.”
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Two Times Rejected Luna, the Desires of all Alpha

Two Times Rejected Luna, the Desires of all Alpha

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/8/2024 Native Language: English

Two Times Rejected Luna, the Desires of all Alpha" Valerie, the daughter of the murdered Alpha of the Yellow Stone Pack, could never lead the pack because she had a Luna wolf. Her mate, Tristan, was made the Alpha in her stead.

Two Times Rejected Luna, The Desire Of All Alphas

After assuming the title of Alpha, Valerie was set up and brutally rejected, not only by Tristan but also her whole pack, and her kid sister, Scarlet, with whom Tristan had secret affairs. “I reject Luna Valerie as my mate. She was caught in bed with a stranger, meaning that she would sell the pack out. The punishment for treachery is death,” Alpha Tristan announced heartlessly. The chants from the pack members and visiting Alphas who had come for the Alphas' conference attracted them to the judgment. No one thought that Alpha Denzel, whose name caused the hairs on their skin to stand straight due to his ruthlessness, would make it to the conference. Valerie found hope when she realized that Alpha Denzel was her second chance mate, but painstakingly, she was rejected once again. The double rejection caused her to lose her wolf, and she was condemned to die by all the Alphas present. She thought her fate was sealed when Alpha Denzel left and a warrior was ready to execute her. Everyone was shocked when Alpha Denzel suddenly turned around. “Stop! The treacherous daughter of a late Alpha should not be killed. More suffering awaits her,” he declared. Valerie’s heart dropped when she saw his dark look, which was like a bottomless pit, as she blacked out from exhaustion. A few months down the line, there was a war among the Alphas as they began to lay claim to the two-times-rejected Luna. With her wolf dead, will the moon goddess be gracious to give her another wolf? And which Alpha would be able to melt her now cold heart


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