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We Will Collide Someday by Scarlett Sanchez Chapter 463

Chapter 463 Someone Will Feel Distressed “I know.”
Alexa could sense Terrence’s nervousness.
Ever since he got into the car, he had been clutching her hands.
“Don’t take what he just said to heart.”
Terrence’s tone gradually softened.
“And there is no need to take him to heart.”
“I know.” Alexa nodded again.
Terrence turned to look at her and was surprised to find that she was smiling.
“Don’t be so nervous.”
Alexa got closer to kiss him.
“I’m not that weak.”
“I will soon take back control of Hudson Group.”
“I believe in you.”
Alexa always trusted him.
After they went back, Yareli said that Sasha had come and given the two children jades as a gift.
“Ms. Molina doesn’t look good. She looks very haggard as if she just cried,” said Yareli.
Hearing this, Alexa gave Sasha a call.
Sasha picked up the call quickly, but the place she was at was a little noisy.
“Are you in the bar?”
“It’s with your friend.”
“Is it Thalia?”
Sasha’s voice sounded lazy, and Alexa could tell from her voice that she was in a bad state.
“Your body hasn’t fully recovered yet. You’d better not drink.”
“It’s fine. I’m not that stupid to ruin myself,” Sasha said lightly.
After that, Sasha hung up the phone.
Alexa was still worried, asking Thalia to keep an eye on her.
“She obviously has something on her mind. Every time she comes, she always sits in that position. She is
waiting for someone,” said Thalia.
“Has the person she was waiting for arrived?”
“No. Isn’t Damian still in the hospital?”
Thalia paused and then asked Finley.
“Finley, what do you think?”
Finley stared at her and said coldly.
“I don’t know about other men.”
Thalia was speechless, asking, “Are you jealous?”
Finley turned around to read, ignoring Thalia.
Thalia and Alexa chatted for a short while before hanging up the phone.
Thalia held a glass of milk and sent it to Sasha.
“I don’t want something a child drinks.”
“Sasha, why do you have to go through all this trouble?” Thalia took a sip and
persuaded, “You’re so excellent, and there are many other childish men who want to
be with you. Why are you obsessed with him?”
“I’m not. It’s just annoying,” Sasha said with a sad expression.
“I heard from Alexa about your situation. Take good care of your health,” Thalia said
“I know,” Sasha replied.
Sasha was not in a good mood. She got up after chatting for a while.
However, she quickly covered her stomach as her face looked pale.
“Does your stomach hurt again?”
Thalia quickly called Finley over.
“Let’s hurry to the hospital. We can’t rule out the possibility of bleeding out,” Finley
said with a serious expression.
Thalia’s face turned pale with fright as she quickly got Finley to carry Sasha into the
However, when they went out, they happened to run into Damian and his people.
He was even more high-spirited than before, with a young female companion by his
Damian glanced at Thalia and the others, but he acted like he had not seen Sasha,
and quickly looked away.
Finley was right.
Sasha’s condition was very critical. She was sent to the operating room not long after
she arrived at the hospital.
Thalia contacted her assistant.
When Sasha was pushed back to the ordinary ward, Thalia saw Damian again.
“Damian, what a coincidence! We met again,” Thalia said to him.
“My friend is in trouble, and has just been sent to the hospital,” Damian tried to say
Thalia nodded, planning to leave with Finley first.
A few seconds later, Damian returned.
“Which ward is she in?”
Thalia smiled and finally told him.
After Sasha woke up, there were only nurses in the sick room.
She had some monitoring devices on her, and she didn’t dare to move.
“Ms. Molina, do you want some water? Your family has gone to handle the formalities,
and will be back soon,” the nurse said.
Damian opened the door and came in as soon as Sasha finished her words.
He was polite to the nurse. After a few words, he let the nurse leave first.
Sasha watched him walk over to her bed, and then she closed her eyes.
“Stop pretending to be asleep. I saw you awake,” Damian said calmly.
“What are you doing here? And you even pretended to be my family,” Sasha said with
an unfriendly attitude.
“It’s not convenient for a nurse to take care of you.”
“We’re both women. It’s better for a nurse to take care of me.”
“The doctor said that you’re weak right now and can’t be angry.”
Damian took a basin of water to help her wipe her face and arms.
Although Sasha did not want to talk to him, she could only lie on the bed, and couldn’t
even stop him.
“You don’t have to be here. I have money to hire a nurse. You don’t need to care
about me,” Sasha said coldly.
“I am cheap, and I want to take care of you.”
After Damian finished wiping, he sat beside her bed.
“I have to be with you tonight.”
“Damian, let me remind you. We broke up,” Sasha said weakly.
“I know.”
“Don’t you know how those people talk about me?”
“I know. But I don’t believe it,” Damian said.
Hearing this, Sasha chuckled.
“Why don’t you believe it? How much do you know about me?”
“I would rather hear it from you instead of others,” Damian said seriously.
Sasha couldn’t do anything to him, so she didn’t say much.
“If you want to stay, it’s okay, but I won’t pay you.”
“It’s fine as long as you belong to me,” Damian said.
“Stop joking with me.”
“Alright, don’t get agitated. Have a good rest. I’m here,” said Damian softly.
“Are you recovered?”
“Yes, I’m good now.”
Sasha did not ask more.
The operation consumed too much of her energy, and she fell asleep after a few words.
Damian took good care of her and did not sleep for almost the entire night.
When Alexa came over the next day, Damian was feeding Sasha congee.
“Excuse me?”
Sensing the smile on Alexa’s face, Sasha was a little embarrassed and avoided her gaze.
“Not at all. Please take a seat,” Sasha said quickly.
“Just stay there,” Alexa stopped Sasha hurriedly, “If you get hurt again, someone will feel distressed for
“Who is it?” Sasha pretended to be confused.
“Your attending doctor,” Alexa replied.
“I heard from the nurse that the operation was done by a doctor called Kieran. He also didn’t sleep last
night.” Damian interrupted.
“Dr. Powell?”
Only then did Alexa realize that she had gone too far. She was afraid that she might cause some
Just as Alexa was about to explain, Kieran brought some doctors to check the patients.
He first greeted Alexa and then began to check Sasha’s condition.
Damian had been staring at Kieran, and unconsciously revealed a little hostility.
After Kieran left, Damian asked.
“Are you familiar with the doctor just now?”
“I have met him a few times. Don’t think too much or cause trouble for him,” Sasha said.

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