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We Will Collide Someday by Scarlett Sanchez Chapter 464

Chapter 464 I’ll Choose a Powerful Husband

“Why are you so worried about him? Or am I that bad in
your eyes?” Damian said with a dark face.
“That’s because I know you so well that I know what you’re gonna do!”
Lost for words, Damian turned to peel the apple in his hands quietly without talking to her anymore.
Alexa knew that the two needed a conversation now. Therefore, she left the ward.
On her way, she met Kieran, who had just finished checking on his patients. Alexa then chatted away with
“I haven’t seen you in a long time. You are getting more and more beautiful,” Kieran said cordially.
“You are making fun of me as everyone else does.”
Alexa exchanged a glance with him and smiled.
“How about we have dinner together tonight?” Alexa asked.
Hearing that, the girl next to Kieran said, “Dr. Powell.
“You have a consultation tonight.”
Alexa hadn’t noticed the girl until now.
“Rain check then,” Alexa said nonchalantly.
“Yes, let’s take a rain check next time.”
Kieran smiled gently and stopped saying anything more.
But somehow, Alexa felt that the girl next to Kieran seemed to breathe a sigh of relief secretly.
Alexa could not help but ponder over it for a bit. At that moment, Terrence walked over, whom Alexa failed to
notice until he spoke.
“Did you meet Kieran just now?” Terrence asked in a flat tone.
That being said, Terrence involuntarily gripped Alexa by the arm a bit.
“Yes. I chatted with him a little,” Alexa answered right away. “I wanted to invite him to dinner tonight.”
“Dinner?” Terrence paused and said in a slightly awkward tone. “All right. I can arrange that.”
Alexa knew what was on Terrence’s mind.
Everything involving another man, Terrence would want to deal with it in a way that suggested he was the
one for Alexa.
“He isn’t available. Forget it.”
Hearing that, Terrence breathed a sigh of relief.
Then they decided to leave the hospital. At that moment, they met Reid.
“Is Damian upstairs?”
“Yes. He is with Sasha.” Alexa nodded.
Reid looked helpless.
“I told him not to come,” Reid said. “He showing up here might cause trouble.”
“They are all adults. Mr. Peters, you don’t have to worry about them.”
“My parents already know about their relationship and are very unhappy about it.”
Reid sighed.
“My parents have decided to unite the Peters family and the Rugg family through
marriage. Therefore, whoever Damian wants, he will eventually have to listen to my
parents and take over our family business.”
At the sight of Reid outside the ward, Damian was surprised as hell.
Sasha had just chased Damian out in a fit of temper.
Reid glanced at Damian casually.
Then he said lightly, “Come back with me.”
No,” Damian said firmly. “She’s in the hospital now. Someone has to take care of her.”
But it’s not your place to take care of her.” Reid dejected Damian indifferently.
“Besides, you, of all people, know why she was hospitalized.”
“Yes, I know.”
Obviously, Damian became a little impatient on the topic.
“Reid, I’ve thought about it, and I don’t think I mind what happened,” Damian said in
earnest. “What’s more, it is not her fault.”
Reid’s look became even colder.
“I told you about your marriage with Ms. Rugg a long time ago.”
But I didn’t say yes.”
“Agree or not, it will happen.”
“If Ms. Rugg feels humiliated, I will let her be the one who cancels the engagement.”
“And what about the Peters family?” Reid brought up their family, which made Damian
hesitate right away. “Don’t forget, you are a part of the Peters family.”
Damian was lost for words.
“I will have a business meeting with Mr. Ramsey tonight. Come and bring Ms. Rugg
Noticing that Damian was reluctant, Reid said with a gloomy face, “I haven’t told our
parents about what you’ve done here yet.
“You’d better watch out.”
Damian was resigned to nodding in agreement at last.
But he remained gloomy all the way to Sasha’s ward.
Back in the ward, Sasha was reading the company’s financial reports, and she looked
very charming while she was at it.
“Are you having a lot of fun reading those?” Damian muttered. “How about you take
some sweet time on me?”
“Don’t interrupt me.”
Sasha lectured him without even raising her head as she kept drawing something on
the documents.
“I will be all right by myself here. It was just a small operation, and I’ll recover from it
very soon.”
“Are you chasing me away?”
“You’ve got other stuff to do, right?” Sasha glanced at him. “I believe there must be
loads to do in the Peters Group, which Reid alone can’t handle well.”
“You sound like Mrs. Peters, which I like a lot.”
Damian then approached her shamelessly and wanted to hold her hand, but Sasha
avoided it.
“Mrs. Peters? Don’t talk nonsense.”
“I just want to be here with you,” Damian said sweetly.
But Sasha did not fall for his blandishment.
“You … really want to be with me?”
Noticing that Sasha was serious, Damian hurried to swear, “Of course.
“If I lie to you, I will suffer the consequences!”
“But I’m quite a fan of the strong.”
Sasha looked composed when she talked as a gesture of her determination.
“If I have to choose a husband, I will choose someone more powerful than me.”
“I am a shareholder of the Peters Group.”
“It’s not that,” Sasha said with a smile. “If it weren’t for Reid, would you still be able to take charge of
Damian was lost for words.
Sasha had a point. Reid was the reason for Damian’s achievements today.
“I don’t need you to accommodate my needs on every matter. What I am looking forward to is equality. Do
you understand?”
“I understand. You want me to make some achievements by myself, right? I can do that.”
Damian was not discouraged. Instead, he seemed even more upbeat.
Then he left the ward, full of enthusiasm. Sasha was left staring after him. And after quite a long time, she
smiled inadvertently.
“What a fool!”
She mocked Damian a bit, but her smile was very gentle.
In the business meeting that evening, Alexa showed up with Terrence.
Damian was there as well, sitting next to Reid in a suit with a much more serious face than usual.
“Ms. Rugg is here now.” Reid patted Damian on the shoulder. “Go pick her up.”
Not long after, Alexa saw a beautiful girl follow Damian in.
Alexa recalled that the girl was the one who was standing next to Kieran today.
And since Alexa kept gazing at her, the girl greeted her gracefully.
“Hello, Ms. Rugg.”
Alexa nodded slightly and smiled politely.
Only then did Alexa realize that Hilda Rugg was Damian’s wife-to-be.
Damian was very polite to Hilda. Although the two did not talk much, Damian remained smiling.
Alexa had seen too many marriages like this.
Even if the couple were not in love, they could still be together.
Alexa felt that Sasha might not know about this.
Halfway through the dinner, Alexa received a call from Sasha.
She glanced at Damian subconsciously, only to find that Damian was looking over.
Alexa avoided the gaze by going out.
“Is Damian with you tonight at some dinner party?”
Sasha sounded relaxed and even a little happy.
“Since we’ve been working together for so long, can you help him a bit when he needs it?” Sasha said
helplessly. “I’m worried that I might say something that has angered him.”

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