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We Will Collide Someday by Scarlett Sanchez Chapter 465

Chapter 465 Play Our Own Games
Sasha was a typical stubborn and soft-hearted person.
Although her words were often harsh, she had secretly helped Damian pave the way.
Alexa suddenly felt that it was not worth it for Sasha.
That was because Sasha would face the risk of being betrayed.
However, thinking that Sasha was still recuperating and could not be too excited, Alexa did not mention
“His brother is also here.” Alexa pretended to be relaxed. “Who can control him?”
“Thank you.” Sasha said politely, “I owe you one.”
“It’s okay.”
Alexa hung up the phone and ran into Hilda coming to the bathroom.
Alexa planned to avoid Hilda, but Hilda greeted her with a friendly attitude.
Alexa smiled and did not intend to chat with her.
“We met in the hospital.” Hilda took the initiative to mention it.
Alexa could probably tell that Hilda had a special feeling for Kieran.
She explained, “I know Dr. Powell.”
The nervousness in Hilda’s eyes faded away.
“Are you dating Damian?” Alexa asked.
“I know Damian is with Ms. Molina,” Hilda said, not seeming to care, “I saw her in the hospital.”
“Then you…”
“It was my parents who asked me to come. Damian is after all my marriage partner. We still have to contact
each other before we get married.”
“Then what about Dr. Powell?”
Alexa said it out loud, but Hilda was not surprised.
“I have a good impression of Dr. Powell.” Hilda said lightly, “But that doesn’t mean we have to be together.”
“Damian probably won’t break up with Ms. Molina.”
Alexa was very accurate at judging people.
When Sasha was hospitalized, Damian’s worried look was not faked at all.
“It’s fine if he doesn’t break up with Ms. Molina. We can play our own games.”
Alexa was also a little helpless at Hilda’s words.
Although Hilda didn’t care, she would still be the one to be hurt in the end.
When Alexa entered the house with Hilda, Damian looked at them carefully.
After the banquet, Damian sent Hilda off first.
When Alexa and Terrence arrived at the garage, she found Damian waiting by the car.
“Did Sasha call just now?” Damian looked a little uneasy. “She didn’t contact me, so
what did she say to you? Is she not feeling well?” Damian asked.
“No.” Alexa shook her head.
“She just talked about business.”
Alexa hesitated for a moment, but still asked, “Are you really going to marry Ms.
“I will find a way to refuse.” Damian said confidently, “I won’t disappoint Sasha.”
“As long as you know what’s going on between the two of you.” Alexa nodded.
Alexa didn’t pay attention to Terrence until she got into the car.
Terrence had been very silent today. Other than business matters, he didn’t care
about anything else.
“What do you think about the matter between Sasha and Damian?” Alexa asked, “As
a man, you should be more able to understand Damian, right?”
“How he thinks is already obvious.” Terrence said calmly, “But I’m not on his side.”
Terrence was not optimistic about Damian.
“He doesn’t have his own confidence. Even if he makes it this time, he will still have to
deal with the same problem next time.”
“Moreover, Sasha is also quite strong.” Alexa agreed.
“Yes, so if Sasha knew the marriage agreement between the Peters family and the
Rugg family, she would probably break up with Damian immediately.”
As soon as they arrived home, Alexa read the trending topics on Twitter.
The marriage between the Rugg family and the Peters family was instantly pushed to
the forefront.
Sasha sent Alexa a message.
“When you were having dinner just now, was Hilda there?”
Alexa knew she could not hide it from Sasha anymore.
However, Sasha was not angry.
“It’s fine.”
With that said, Sasha did not speak again.
Alexa was sitting on the balcony in a daze, just as Terrence came over with Verna in
his arms, and Damarion followed beside them.
“It’s windy outside. Come inside.”
Terrence put a blanket on Alexa.
Alexa leaned over and picked Damarion up.
She asked, “Did you have a good time in kindergarten?”
Damarion thought about it.
Then he said, “I’m happy, but there’s another way to make me happier.”
“Oh? Then why don’t you tell mom and dad?”
“I want mom and dad to pick me up from school.” Damarion flung his arms around
Alexa’s neck and kissed her on the face. “Cole’s parents always pick
him up.”
Damarion sounded aggrieved.
“I’m sorry, baby.” Alexa said patiently, “Mom and Dad will come to pick you up
tomorrow, okay?”
Damarion nodded and went to sleep happily.
Terrence put the two children to sleep before returning.
Alexa came out of the bathroom while arranging the straps of the bathrobe.
Terrence took the opportunity to hold her from behind.
“Why are you so clingy?” Alexa pouted. “Go to bed early, Mr. Ramsey.”
“No.” Terrence kissed Alexa’s neck. “Just for a while. You are my wife, so why can’t
you hold me?”
Alexa rubbed her head against Terrence’s chest.
Then she asked, “Are you free tomorrow?”
“Of course, I’m free to pick up my son.” Terrence’s tone was gentle. “We promised him just now.”
“Maybe we will see Nina.” Alexa looked up and kissed Terrence. “I can’t lose to her.”
Seeing that she cared so much, Terrence chuckled.
“Why are you suddenly interested in her?”
“Not only is she looking fortrouble with you, but she’s also looking for trouble with my son.”
Alexa was full of anger as she spoke.
“I still remember what her son said about Damarion that day.”
The gloom in Terrence’s eyes suddenly deepened.
“Terrence, Damarion has been wronged. Of course, I am not happy.” Alexa held Terrence sullenly. “If Vernie
is bullied by this kind of person, I am afraid
I will lose my mind.”
“There won’t be a next time. I promise.”
Terrence spoke in a deep voice and carried Alexa to bed.
The next day, Alexa personally sent Damarion to school.
“I was very busy before, but I will definitely spend more time with you as much as I can.” Alexa explained
gently, “So will Dad.”
“It’s okay, mom.”
Damarion replied very sensibly, but it was difficult to hide the joy in his eyes.
When Alexa held Damarion’s hand and got out of the car, it got everyone’s attention.
When Nina came over, Alexa actually smiled.
The two of them smiled and confronted each other for a moment. Nina was the first to speak.
“Cole, say hello to your friend.”
Cole rolled his eyes, and Alexa pretended not to see it.
She looked at Damarion gracefully.
“Damarion, I told you to choose a friend carefully.”
Nina’s face turned green.
She snorted and left with Cole.
Alexa blinked at Damarion and handed him to the teacher.
She was about to drive back to the company when she suddenly saw Kieran standing on the street.
“Dr. Powell, where are you going?”
“I’m going back to the hospital.”
“Why don’t you get in the car? I’ll drive you there”
Just as Alexa finished speaking, Hilda came out of the cafe behind them.
“Dr. Powell,” Hilda said with a smile as she handed Kieran the coffee. “I specially bought this for you.”

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