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We Will Collide Someday by Scarlett Sanchez Chapter 466

Chapter 466 As long as Your Reputation Is Intact
After Kieran took the coffee, he thanked Hilda politely.
“You don’t have to do this next time.” He added.
The smile on Hilda’s face faded a little, but she still stood beside Kieran.
Those who didn’t know would think that they were a couple.
“Dr. Powell is going back to the hospital. Ms. Rugg, do you want to go together? I’ll drive.” Alexa asked.
Hearing this, Hilda looked at Kieran with a bit of disappointment.
“Dr. Powell, didn’t you agree to go to the medical summit with me?”
“Sorry.” Kieran said as he adjusted the frame on his nose, “The director just called and added a temporary
“Oh, then I will go back to the hospital with you,” Hilda said.
Hilda seemed to listen to Kieran very much.
In the end, they got into Alexa’s car.
Kieran opened the door of the passenger seat for Hilda.
Hilda did not feel embarrassed at all.
Instead, she chatted very well with Alexa.
When they got out of the car, Hilda suddenly said to Alexa, “Sasha contacted me just now, but I ignored
Alexa glanced at Kieran who was waiting at the side.
Hilda noticed her gaze and subconsciously lowered her voice.
“Please tell her that I won’t cancel the engagement with Damian.”
“Based on her personality, she won’t have any contact with Damian again.” Alexa said lightly, “You don’t
have to worry.”
“I’m not worried.” Hilda said expressionlessly, “I just don’t want to get involved with them.”
Hilda’s attitude surprised Alexa.
“The Powell family and the Peters family have been close.” Alexa said, “Is there something between you
and Dr. Powell…”
“I have nothing to do with him.” Hilda interrupted. “He is a well-known scholar in the industry. I admire his
ability and that’s all.”
Alexa smiled politely and drove away.
When Hilda and Kieran went upstairs together, they met Damian at the door of the
Damian said, “Doctor Rugg, let’s talk.”
Kieran took another look at Damian. After confirming that Hilda did not need help, he
Damian called Hilda to the garden of the hospital.
“Ms. Rugg, I don’t want to hold you up.” Damian got straight to the point.
“You can break off the engagement on the grounds of my improper behavior.”
“The Rugg family has already spread the news of the engagement.” Hilda said lightly,
“No matter what reason I break off the engagement now, our two families will not
become laughingstocks.”
“I don’t care. It’s fine as long as your reputation remains intact.”
Seeing that Damian was so considerate of her, Hilda was moved.
“What benefits can Sasha give you?” Hilda raised her eyebrows slightly. “If this
marriage doesn’t work, the Peters family may lose tens of millions of dollars.”
“This has nothing to do with her.”
Damian was very protective of Sasha and did not want others to bad-mouth her at all.
The conversation didn’t go well, so Damian was a little annoyed.
The two of them were in a deadlock for a while.
Hilda suddenly said, “Sasha is here.”
Damian quickly followed her gaze and looked over.
He saw Sasha walking towards the inpatient building with a bunch of flowers in her
She obviously saw them, but she raised her sunglasses nonchalantly.
Damian said, “If you change your mind, call me at any time.”
Then he left hurriedly.
When Sasha entered the elevator, Damian quickly followed her.
“What brought you here? Why didn’t you call me to pick you up?” asked Damian.
“I have a driver.”
“I was just discussing business with Hilda. Don’t think too much about it.”
“What should I think about?”
Sasha took off her sunglasses and looked at Damian with a smile.
“I didn’t ask you to explain. Why are you in such a hurry?”
Although her tone was relaxed, Damian could tell that she was annoyed.
When Sasha was angry to the extreme, she was usually indifferent.
“I’ll talk to her about breaking off the engagement. I won’t marry her.”
“If you don’t marry her, who do you want to marry?”
The elevator stopped, and Sasha walked out without looking back as if she had not
heard what Damian had just said.
Damian did not ask where she was going but followed her silently.
Sasha came to visit an executive in the company, Jessie Parker.
She was about the same age as Sasha and had just given birth.
Damian was waiting for her at the door. He caught a glimpse of Sasha holding the
child in a daze.
At that moment, she had completely let go of her guard. Damian had known her for so
long, but he had never seen Sasha so gentle.
Jessie caught a glimpse of Damian and teased Sasha with a smile.
“Ms. Molina, it seems that you’ve also found the one.”
“It’s not like that.”
Sasha put down the child. When she left the ward, the smile on her face was gone.
“Why are you staring at me?” Sasha asked, glancing at Damian. “Why are you smiling
so strangely?”
“I think you like children quite a lot.”
“You were smiling so happily just now.”
“That’s only because the mother is my friend. I won’t pay attention to other children.”
Damian followed behind and did not say anything.
“If you like children, can I propose to you earlier?”
Sasha walked to the parking lot. Seeing Damian still following her, she finally clicked her tongue impatiently.
“Don’t you have anything to do today? Why are you following me?”
“I just want to see you.”
Damian had a good temper. No matter how Sasha scolded him, he was not angry.
“I still have to talk business with Alexa. I have no time to talk to you now.”
“You are so close to Alexa. No wonder you two are becoming more and more alike.”
“Alike? How?”
“You are both admirable career women.”
Hearing this, Sasha joked with interest.
“Then it’s even more impossible for the two of us.”
“Why?” Damian was anxious.
“You are your family’s treasure.” Sasha said as if she was teasing a little kid, “If you fall into my hands, it
won’t be so easy to live.”
“I’m happy to be controlled by you.”
“Why are you so shameless?” Sasha glanced at Damian. “Who’s willing to control you? Get out of the way.”
“Then I’ll come up to you later.”
“I have to attend a dinner party tonight. I don’t have time.”
Sasha’s cold face did not dispel Damian’s interest. Instead, it made him even more enthusiastic.
When she was discussing business with Alexa, Damian had specially sent someone to deliver two sweets.
Alexa saw that he was so attentive, so she mentioned Hilda in front of Sasha.
“I know. The Peters family even gave me an invitation.” Sasha said indifferently.
Alexa said, “I’m afraid their engagement won’t change.”
“Of course, I won’t get involved in their relationship. Besides, it’s not like I have to be with Damian.”
Sasha was very open-minded.
She did not reject having men around her, but there were not many people who could really walk into her
Hilda said, “But I heard that Hilda seems to be very close to Dr. Powell.”
“Yes.” Alexa nodded. “She does have feelings for Kieran, but it should be just for fun.”
“If it was really just for fun, would she go on a business trip with Kieran?” Sasha sneered. “Damian doesn’t
know anything.”

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