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We Will Collide Someday by Scarlett Sanchez Chapter 467

Chapter 467 Your Husband won’t Let You Go?
Alexa thought of how Hilda treated Kieran and was not very surprised.
However, Kieran did not seem to be interested in Hilda.
“Dr. Powell is a good doctor. He can’t risk his career for a woman.”
Sasha said indifferently. It was obvious that she had a problem with Hilda.
“If you like someone, just tell them how you feel. What’s the point of hiding it?” Sasha said with a cold face.
“She said that she wouldn’t cancel the engagement, so she and Kieran wouldn’t get together.
“I’m gonna steal Kieran one day. They will probably be disgusted.”
Alexa nearly choked on her coffee.
“It just so happens that I have friended Dr. Powell on Line.”
“Are you serious?”
“You know how men are,” Sasha said as she lazily looked down. “As long as he’s still single, I’ll stand a
“Dr. Powell… I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle him.”
Alexa knew Kieran too well.
He was a classic case of having cold hands but a warm heart. Although Kieran seemed very polite to
everyone, he didn’t feel much in his heart.
Moreover, Kieran had to take care of both the hospital and the Powell Group, so an arranged marriage with
another firm would have a bigger chance.
If Sasha really wanted to date Kieran, it would not end well. In the end, she would be the one getting hurt.
“Why are you so sure?”
Sasha raised her eyebrows, a hint of desire to conquer flashing in her eyes.
“I have never met a man I can’t get.”
“Dr. Powell probably only cares about his career. If he wanted to date, he would have been dating long
“I heard that you two dated before.”
Sasha suddenly changed the topic. Alexa paused for a second.
“Yes,” she admitted directly. “It happened when I just got back to the country. I asked him out first.”
“Then why did you break up?” Sasha teased, “Your husband couldn’t let you go, could he?”
“It just didn’t work.”
Just as Alexa finished speaking, Sasha glanced behind her.
Terrence slowly walked to Alexa and politely and distantly greeted Sasha.
“We are going to pick up the kids.” Alexa smiled at Sasha. “I’ll see you around.”
Sasha watched the couple leave and subconsciously placed her hand on her belly.
The surgery was micro-invasive, and the wound had already been scabbed.
But the doctor had told Sasha that it would be difficult to conceive again.
The assistant suddenly spoke, and Sasha came back to her senses.
“Ms. Molina, you have a dinner appointment with Mr. Powell of the Powell Group
“Got it. You go and get ready. Be more formal. Make sure that Mr. Powell has a good
time,” Sasha said, her expression unchanged.
At this time, Alexa and Terrence had just picked up Damarion.
The family was very eye-catching at the entrance of the kindergarten.
“I remember that you are busy these days, Terrence.” Nina’s voice suddenly sounded.
“You have time to pick up Damarion today?”
Terrence ignored her.
Alexa noticed the man beside Nina.
This should be her husband, Hyman.
He was dressed in a high-end suit, and there was a powerful and malicious look in his
Before Alexa spoke, Hyman had greeted her.
Alexa said “hello” in an indifferent tone, and then there was no other topic to talk
However, Nina glared at Hyman discontentedly.
“Who said you could talk to another woman?”
Nina did not lower her voice, and Alexa could hear it clearly.
Terrence’s face became more and more gloomy, then he turned around and left with
Hyman said some words with a smile and suddenly called out to Terrence.
“We are still family. Let’s have dinner together sometime, okay?”
“It’s not necessary.”
Terrence did not give him any face at all, and Hyman’s fake smile froze on his face.
He did not understand why Terrence would be so arrogant.
“I have a lot of connections. If you want to do business, I can refer you.”
“No need forthat.”
Terrence obviously did not want to waste his breath on Hyman.
However, Hyman just wanted to humble Terrence.
“You are not in a good position now. Don’t worry. This won’t be a burden for me.”
“Mr. Fillion, why are you so concerned about my family?” Alexa said with a smile, “If
you have spare time, you might as well spend it on your family.”
“Of course, I will. Don’t worry, Ms. Duran.”
“Great.” Alexa proudly raised her chin. “Then we have nothing to talk about.”
After saying that, she directly called Terrence and left.
Nina looked at Alexa leaving and was furious.
“What’s there to be smug about?”
“That woman is quite rich.”
Hearing this, Nina became even more unhappy.
“What do you mean? Why are you taking her side?”
“What I said is the truth.”
Hyman said coldly, his eyes dimming.
“She has the actual control of the Duran family and shares in Hudson Group,” Hyman
sneered. “You can’t compete with that. She was born well. Terrence spoiled her so
much that he even gave her the shares of the group.”
“So what?” Nina raised the corner of her mouth. “My father has already talked to the board of directors.
Next time they are running, she will be made a figurehead.”
Alexa did not know what they were up to.
On the way home, she and Terrence did not mention what had just happened but just patiently chatted with
Christina called and invited them to dinner.
“My brother’s family is also there,” Alexa said. “We will get together tonight.”
Terrence bought some gifts and also took Verna over.
Christina liked children. She and Henry prepared big cash gifts for all of them.
Keyon was the same as Terrence, both of them holding the kids and not letting go.
Alexa looked at Nansen.
“This little guy is growing faster than Vernie.” Alexa ran her finger through Nansen’s face.
“It’s all thanks to Keyon. He has been taking care of Nansen during this period. I didn’t have to do much,”
Giselle said with a happy smile.
The two families were similar.
Alexa was speaking with Giselle about postpartum recovery, while Terrence was sharing his parenting
experience with Keyon.
Keyon used to take care of Damarion all the time, so he was particularly good at taking care of his son.
When Giselle and Keyon went back, she suddenly suggested.
“Keyon, let’s have another baby.”
“Are you serious?” Keyon asked seriously. “You already suffered a lot when you gave birth to Nansen.”
At that time, Keyon was there when Giselle was in labor. He remembered that scene clearly.
“No more babies. It will be bad for your health.”
“But Vernie is so cute.”
Giselle’s heart melted when she thought about how soft and cute Verna was.
“We’ll go and see Vernie a lot.” Keyon helplessly smiled at her. “We don’t need to have another baby.”
“Actually, my father and the others also want us to have another baby.”
After the birth of Nansen, Giselle’s relationship with the Niebergall family improved a lot.
Although they still had a lot of complaints about Keyon, they valued this little grandson very much.
Not only did Giselle’s father give Nansen good property, he even planned to make him the heir to his
Although Irvin did not say much, he also had given Nansen a lot of money.
Keyon did not feel that it was a good thing that his son was being paid too much attention to by the
Niebergall family.
What are they up to now?” he asked coldly.

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