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We Will Collide Someday by Scarlett Sanchez Chapter 468

Chapter 468 Can’t You Talk to Me Nicely?
Seeing that Keyon had such a great enmity towards her family, Giselle felt bad.
“Although they did some bad things before,” Giselle said lightly, “they are my family. No matter what, we are related
by blood.”
Keyon kept silent for a moment.
Then Keyon said, “Of course, we will invite them when we hold the wedding ceremony.”
“In fact, my parents also want to meet you in advance.” Giselle looked at Keyon expectantly. Then she added,
“Nansen has been born for so long, but they haven’t officially met each other yet.”
When Nansen was just born, Giselle’s parents called to care about Giselle.
But Keyon was busy taking care of Giselle and Nansen, so Keyon had no time to think about other things.
“Let’s talk about it until your body recovers.” Keyon frowned slightly. He was still very worried about Giselle. So he
added, “There’s no hurry.”
“I’m fine.”
Keyon took care of Giselle very carefully and invited a professional rehabilitation team.
Not only did Giselle not lose weight, but she also gained a few pounds when Nansen was a month old.
“Then when do you want to go back?”
“Three days later.”
Keyon agreed readily.
Finding that Giselle was secretly laughing, Keyon helplessly sighed.
“How long has the plan been? You know I will nod and agree today, right?”
“I thought about the plan two days ago. I was afraid you would be angry.”
“How could I be angry?” Keyon smiled and added, “They are your parents and also my father-in-law and mother-inlaw. No matter what happened before, I will respect them.”
Although Keyon did not say anything more, he still attached great importance to this matter.
That night, Keyon asked about Giselle’s parents’ preferences and personally prepared some gifts.
And at the same time, Sasha also met Kieran.
Sasha dressed up very grandly tonight, which made her very eye-catching in the private room.
Sasha sat next to Kieran and chatted with him happily.
As an experienced businessman, Sasha could deal with the situation easily.
Sasha quickly persuaded Kieran to sign the contract.
When the other bosses toasted, Kieran stopped it for Sasha.
“Thank you,” Sasha said in a low voice.
Kieran only nodded politely and did not respond.
When the party ended, Kieran drank a little too much.
Sasha personally held an umbrella to send Keyon to the car. Suddenly, she saw
Damian standing not far away.
Sasha looked away indifferently and said goodbye to Clara and Keyon in the car.
Clara suddenly said, “Ms. Molina!
“Mr. Peters seems to have been waiting for you for a long time.”
“Yes, I know.”
Sasha watched them leave, but she did not intend to pay attention to Damian.
Sasha turned around and walked to her car. Seeing this, Damian hurriedly chased
after her.
“Are you avoiding me?”
“Please make things clear. I just want to go home.”
Sasha frowned slightly and pushed Damian’s hand away.
Sasha was wearing a thin dress. The cold wind blew, and the chill spread all over her
“Did you drink?” Damian asked.
“Why don’t I drink when I’m out for business?” Sasha seemed to be fooling a child.
“Well, you’d better go home now, lest your family think you have been kidnapped.”
“Can’t you talk to me nicely?”
Damian’s tone was mixed with displeasure, but there was also a hint of grievance.
Damian thought he did not do anything wrong, but Sasha just turned hostile.
“How good do you think my attitude should be?”
Sasha’s tone sounded indifferent, but she was still angry in her heart.
Sasha added, “The best way for us to get along is to be strangers. After all, you are
already engaged.”
Damian said, “I will break off the engagement with her. Besides, isn’t Hilda also
related to Kieran in private?”
Sasha asked, “So what? When the time comes, both of you will have an extramarital
affair! Is it a very glorious thing?”
“Don’t argue with me here. Get in the car first. It’s cold outside,” Damian said.
Sasha replied, “I want to get in the car, but I won’t go with you.”
Without saying a word, Damian drove his car to follow Sasha.
“Ms. Molina, Mr. Peters has been following us all the time,” the driver said.
Sasha had a headache after drinking.
“Leave him alone.”
Damian followed them all the way.
When Sasha got out of the car at the door of the villa, Damian immediately followed
Damian asked, “Can we talk again?”
“I am tired today!”
Sasha did not want to talk to Damian.
Sasha walked so fast that she sprained her ankle and broke her shoes.
Damian subconsciously stepped forward to help Sasha, but Sasha stubbornly took off
her shoes and threw them into the trash can. Then she entered the room barefoot.
Sasha did not close the door, and Damian also went in.
When Sasha finished bathing and went downstairs, Damian was still sitting on the
“Why haven’t you left yet?”
“It’s getting late. And the rain is quite heavy,” Damian said, tilting to the sofa.
“So what? This is not a shelter,” Sasha said, pouring herself a glass of water.
“It is home. A place with you is home,” Damian said suddenly.
“Damian, what exactly are you thinking?”
“I want to marry you and have a family. That’s it.”
“What about the Rugg family?”
“I will cancel the engagement. It doesn’t matter even if I break up with my family. The worst result is that I start from
scratch,” Damian said firmly.
Over the years, Damian had accumulated some personal savings.
Although it was not a big deal, it was okay to do some small business.
“You can even abandon your own family for me? Idiot!” Sasha rebuked Damian with a cold face.
After all, Damian was young.
Damian didn’t consider things well when he did things. He always felt as long as he was brave, he could get what he
But there were many things to consider in the world of adults. It is not just love. “What I need is a lover, not an idiot
conducted by love!” Sasha said.
“I know, so I have been working hard for you. Can you give me a little hope?”
“If you are with me, you may bear a lot of infamies. You have to think it through.”
There was a faint smile in Sasha’s eyes.
“Anyway, I, Sasha, am not a good person in the eyes of others.”
“I know very well what kind of person you are.”
Seeing that Sasha was not in a good mood, Damian did not want to talk about this matter.
He added, “Didn’t you just say that you were tired? Go rest early.”
“What about you?”
“I’ll stay on the sofa for the night. Don’t worry, I won’t go upstairs to disturb you,” Damian said.
Sasha stood there for a while.
Then she suddenly said, “There is a guest room upstairs. Come with me.”
Damian happily followed Sasha.
“You can rest here for a night, but you must go back tomorrow.”
After finishing her words, Sasha left.
As soon as Damian entered the room, he received a call from Hilda.
“Where are you tonight?”
A cold and distant female voice sounded. Damian frowned with displeasure.
“Ms. Rugg, it is none of your business, right?”
“I know.” Hilda suddenly softened her voice and added, “I just… I’m a little afraid. I’m alone in the bar.”

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