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We Will Collide Someday by Scarlett Sanchez Chapter 469

Chapter 469 I Am Just Humiliating Myself “Call your driver.”
Hilda said willfully, “No. I don’t trust them. It’s okay if you don’t come. I’ll stay here for
the night.”
Damian didn’t want to meddle in it at first, but he thought it was indeed unsafe for a
girl to be alone outside.
In the end, Damian still went over.
Hearing the sound of the engine downstairs, Sasha knew that Damian had left.
Sasha was talking to Alexa on the phone.
She smiled lightly and said, “I told you that I wouldn’t be able to keep him.”
Alexa asked, “Did he leave by himself?”
“Maybe he has thought it through. He has a bright future and a promising career. He
shouldn’t have fallen into my trap,” Sasha said happily.
Alexa replied, “You are not bad.”
Alexa was sincerely praising Sasha.
Not only was Sasha not bad, but she was more excellent than most people.
But in love, Sasha always put herself in a weak position.
It was also torture for Sasha to put down her pride and compromise.
Alexa said, “Zeke has confessed to a lot of people to commute the sentence. He also
has spies in the Molina Group.”
“Zeke is just an idiot. He can’t stir up any trouble.” Sasha raised her eyes coldly and
arrogantly. “It was someone else who stuffed the spies in.”
Alexa said, “I have already found out that it has something to do with Nina.
The person behind her is Jovan.”
“Nina’s ambition is really surprising. Is she still unsatisfied with Hudson Group in her
hands?” Sasha asked.
“Some senior executives of Hudson Group are on Terrence’s and my side. She is not
completely in power for the time being,” Alexa replied.
“We can cooperate. But if I have to take a lot of risks, I must see enough benefits,”
Sasha said frankly.
After they finished talking calmly, the seemingly calm situation had already been
Before hanging up the phone, Sasha asked Alexa a question.
“Do you have any single friends by your side?”
Alexa paused.
“Oh, I forgot. You probably don’t have any male friends around you. Mr. Ramsey is
jealous,” Sasha teased.
“He’s coaxing the child to sleep now. I’ll help you ask him later. He must have some
single male friends around him,” Alexa said.
“I usually don’t have good taste in picking men. Can you help me check?”
“I may not be able to do this, but the people around him should be quite reliable.”
After Alexa responded with a few words, Terrence opened the door and came in.
Terrence held Alexa immediately.
Then Terrence heard Alexa ask, “Are there any single men around you?”
Terrence kissed her behind her ear and smiled.
He said, “Must you bring this up at this time?”
“Don’t touch me.”
Alexa blushed and slapped away the palm on her waist.
Terrence pursed his lips.
He suddenly said, “Yes, but there is no free lunch in the world, hon.”
He called her “hon” in such a sexy manner that Alexa’s ears went numb.
Without further ado, Alexa knew what Terrence was thinking.
“Mr. Ramsey, can you think about something serious? You are always…”
“Always what?” Terrence deliberately asked.
“Why are you always thinking about me?”
Alexa stared at Terrence with a red face.
“It’s my business to miss you.”
Alexa was simply speechless.
The next day, Terrence still fulfilled his promise.
“I invited some of my friends tonight. Why don’t you invite Sasha there?” Terrence
Before Alexa could say anything, Terrence added, “However…
“You can’t go.”
“Why?” Alexa asked in disappointment. “Can’t I go see your friends?”
“Don’t pretend to be grieved,” Terrence said bluntly.
Then Terrence pinched her face.
Alexa was exposed on the spot and immediately blushed.
“They are all single men. You will be bored staying with them. And they are noisy. You
can’t get along with them,” Terrence said lightly.
“I can.”
“Is that so? You slept quite early last night. You were not noisy at all.”
Alexa pinched Terrence’s waist.
“I’ll take you to play something else tonight, okay?”
“No.” Alexa was on guard and immediately refused.
“Well.” Terrence nodded with a slight sense of loss. Then he added, “We just got
married, but you are already tired of staying with me, aren’t you?”
Alexa could not bear such a big accusation.
“I take back what I said just now.” Alex immediately retorted to her words. “We must
enjoy the world of two people.”
After dressing up, Alexa went to work with Terrence.
When Reid saw them, he forced a smile.
“Sorry, Damian is not feeling well today. He can’t come to the scene.”
Alexa thought of what happened to Sasha last night.
So Alexa asked, “Is he with Ms. Molina now?”
“No, he is at Ms. Rugg’s house,” Reid replied.
Alexa felt his heart skip a beat.
She thought, it turns out that Damian left Sasha’s place last night to look for Hilda.
Didn’t Damian say that he didn’t want to follow the engagement before? He changed
his mind so quickly.
However, Reid didn’t look happy.
Reid said, “Ms. Molina still doesn’t know about this matter. I don’t know what will
happen if she knows it.”
Standing on Sasha’s side, Alexa said, “She’s quite carefree. Since Mr. Peters has
already made his attitude clear, Ms. Molina will naturally let go of him in time.”
“That’s good.”
Reid took a sip of tea and looked relieved.
However, at that time, Sasha had already appeared at the door of Hilda’s apartment.
When Hilda opened the door, she was still wearing a nightgown.
“It’s you. Please come in,” Hilda said calmly.
“No need! I’m here to return something.”
Sasha had just finished speaking when she asked her assistant to bring her a bag.
“These are the clothes Damian left at my house last night. Some of the previous
things are also here.”
Before Hilda could say anything, a strange male voice sounded from behind.
“Sasha? Why are you here?”
“Don’t call me!”
Sasha glared at Damian coldly, her aura so oppressive that it was frightening.
Hilda acted as if it had nothing to do with her. She shrugged at Damian before leaving.
Damian clicked his tongue in frustration.
Sasha looked at the man’s nightgown coldly without saying anything.
“This is the nightgown I asked my assistant to send over. My suit was drenched by the
rain last night,” Damian explained.
“You don’t have to explain it to me. I’m not interested.”
Sasha was about to leave after giving Damian’s things back.
However, Damian rushed out and grabbed her wrist.
Sasha flung Damian’s hand away.
The two of them caused quite a commotion, and some neighbors had already opened
the door to check.
Sasha said, “I don’t want to talk to you here.”
“It was my fault last night. I should have told you in advance. But I sent you a
message on Line. Why didn’t you reply to me?” Damian asked.
“Why should I reply to you?”
Sasha replied so coldly as if Damian was just a total stranger.
Damian didn’t know what to say and followed Sasha downstairs.
“There are so many people here. You’ll be famous if the media post our pictures on
the Internet,” Sasha said coldly.
Damian said, “I have to explain it to you clearly.”
“Are you trying to explain it because you are afraid that I will misunderstand, or are
you feeling guilty?”
Judging from Hilda’s fearless look just now, Sasha was more inclined to believe in the
Sasha said, “Forget it! I shouldn’t have asked you the question. I am just humiliating

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