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We Will Collide Someday by Scarlett Sanchez Chapter 470

Chapter 470 Eavesdrop
Damian was embarrassed.
“She’s your fiancee in name. It’s a good thing that you dated her before marriage.”
Sasha brushed her sleeves nonchalantly.
“I have nothing to do with you, so there’s no need to hold on to me. Let’s part with
each other in a peaceful way.”
After that, Sasha got into the car and left.
Damian did not chase after her.
When he turned around, he found Hilda standing not far away with an umbrella.
“It’s raining heavily now. Don’t just stand there,” Hilda said as she handed over the
other umbrella to Damian.
Damian ignored Hilda.
“What’s the point of glaring at me? I didn’t scold her.”
“Hilda, what do you mean?”
Damian asked coldly, completely losing his good temper from last night.
“Why did I fall on the sofa last night? Did you add something to the scented candle?”
Hilda studied medicine, and Damian believed that Hilda had some methods.
“I have been using the scented candle. If you don’t believe it, you can take it fortesting
at anytime.”
Even so, Damian’s expression still did not show any signs of easing up.
“Did you deliberately let her misunderstand?”
“If you hadn’t fallen on the sofa in my house, I wouldn’t have had the chance.”
Hilda replied in contempt. Damian did not really want to pay attention to her.
Damian stood at the intersection and called his driver.
Damian was caught in the rain for a long time, and he fell ill after returning home.
Reid came to the ward with a livid face.
“Look at the trending topics now! Damian, what the hell are you doing?” Reid shouted
in a low voice.
Damian picked up his phone in a daze, only to find that the interaction between the
three of them had been taken down.
Not only that, everyone was scolding Sasha as a home wrecker.
“Tell me, what should we do now?”
Reid looked at Damian sternly, but Damian remained indifferent.
“Is it interesting for Hilda to do this? I want to break off the engagement,” Damian
“Did she do it on purpose?”
“Do you really think that my fiancée is a little girl who doesn’t know anything?”
Damian ignored his poor condition, directly pulling out the needle and leaving the
This matter not only pushed Sasha to the forefront but also affected the Duran Group
she worked with.
However, Alexa held a press conference in time to explain the situation.
However, when the reporters mentioned Sasha, Alexa did not avoid the question.
“The Molina Group is a trustworthy partner. For this, I am willing to believe in Ms.
Molina’s character. As for other things, I do not know, and I will not comment on them,”
Alexa said with a straight face.
After the press conference ended, Alexa received a call from Sasha.
“I just finished the board meeting. Sorry, I caused you trouble.” Sasha sounded
“I am fine, but I just heard that Damian left the hospital without permission.” Alexa
changed the topic.
“He has been contacting me, but I refused.”
Sasha was obviously a little annoyed.
However, if this matter was not explained clearly, the consequences would only be
The Rugg family had taken out the marriage contract signed by both families, showing
others that Sasha was a home wrecker.
And so far, Hilda had no intention of explaining.
Their relationship was very complicated, and Alexa could not help.
It just so happened that Henry had a small operation recently. Alexa went to the
company with Terrence to visit Henry after work.
Christina had hired a nurse, but most of the time, she took care of Henry by herself.
Terrence was very smart. As soon as he sat down, he chatted with the two elders.
Christina was extremely satisfied with this son-in-law.
“Terrence, has the matter with your company been resolved?”
“If nothing unexpected happens, it should be resolved soon.”
“I am not urging you. I just don’t want you to be so tired,” Christina said from the
bottom of her heart. “Nina might use dirty methods. It is not good for you to spend too
much time with her.”
Terrence’s father and mother also said the same words to him.
Terrence was very grateful for Christina’s concern for him.
“Don’t worry.” Terrence immediately expressed, “Even if I am busy with company
affairs, I will put my focus on the family and won’t let Alexa down.”
Alexa was arranging flowers, and when she heard Terrence’s words, she blushed.
The atmosphere in the ward was a little strange.
“Alexa is so lucky.”
Christina sighed and smiled at Henry.
They were chatting when the doctor suddenly came in to check.
Seeing Alexa, Hilda quickly looked away.
Hilda explained absent-mindedly.
“Dr. Powell is very busy right now. I will temporarily take over his work. I hope you
understand it.”
Christina did not say anything.
However, almost all of the questions that Hilda asked were wrong, and Hilda couldn’t
answer the questions Christina asked.
Christina’s face sank.
“How did you get into the hospital? You seem not to be qualified to be a doctor here,
do you?” Christina asked directly.
Hilda replied in a flat tone and immediately left with a gloomy face.
Christina was very famous in the medical world. Almost all the top scholars in the
medical world were her students.
However, this was the first time Christina had met someone as arrogant as Hilda.
She was about to flare up when Alexa interrupted in time.
“Mom, shall I go and take a look?”
Alexa asked Terrence to stay in the ward with Christina and Henry, and then she went
out to stop Hilda.
“Ms. Rugg.”
“What? Are you here to stand up for Sasha?” Hilda asked satirically.
“No. I just think your way of doing things is ridiculous,” Alexa said flatly.
“The media wants to write those articles. What can I do?”
Hilda shrugged. She did not care about this matter.
However, Alexa’s vibe was dominant. Hilda felt a little guilty.
“Dr. Powell does not have any feelings for you, but you do not need to use these
methods to find a backup for yourself,” Alexa said bluntly.
From the looks of it, Damian was clearly regarded as a backup by Hilda.
“He is my fiancé. How I treat him has nothing to do with you.”
“But I hope that you should stop before you go too far. Who gave you the idea to use
Sasha to attack the Duran Group?”
Hilda froze and did not respond.
“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”
“You better not believe Nina. After all, if she didn’t mess up, Zeke wouldn’t have gone
to jail so smoothly,” Alexa said with a smile.
“Are you threatening me?”
“No, I’m just reminding you. You are an adult, and you should learn to be responsible
for your own behavior.” Alexa’s attitude was kind.
Hilda’s face was stiff as she looked down. Then, she quickly left.
As soon as Alexa turned around, she found that Terrence was standing behind her.
“When did you learn to eavesdrop, Mr. Ramsey?”
“About a minute ago.” Terrence’s eyes were full of love. “I come and admire the way
my wife teaches others a lesson.”
“Will it damage my image?”
“No. You are simply fascinating.”
Terrence’s lips curved up slightly, and the smile almost bewitched Alexa.
They left after saying goodbye to Henry and Christina.
At this time, the press conference held by the Molina Group was in progress.
Sasha had just sat down when Damian suddenly barged into the scene.

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