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We Will Collide Someday by Scarlett Sanchez Chapter 471

Chapter 471 I Just Got Married
Everyone was stunned by this sudden incident.
There were some media live broadcasting at the scene.
Damian rushed up to hold Sasha’s hand regardless of anything.
He said, “Come with me.”
Sasha hesitated for a second. Damian suddenly kissed her in front of everyone.
“Is this enough to show my love?”
He looked at the cameras with a determined gaze and did not intend to let go of
“We’ve been in a relationship. Sasha is my girlfriend and also my love in this life. I
have nothing to do with Ms. Rugg. I hope you won’t make up stories.”
Damian said firmly and left with Sasha.
When he pushed her into the passenger seat, Sasha adjusted her hair and looked at
the man next to her.
“Do you know what you just did?” She questioned angrily.
“I know. I know exactly what I’m doing. I won’t regret it,” Damian said as he gripped
the steering wheel tightly.
He had disrupted the entire press conference that was supposed to be a good one.
Sasha wanted to get angry, but Damian was driving so fast, which made her feel
“Slow down.”
She said subconsciously, and Damian immediately did as she said.
Sasha’s phone kept ringing. So in the end, she simply turned it off.
“Where are you taking me to?”
“I don’t know.”
“You’re crazy.”
Although it seemed that she did not agree with what he did, Sasha was still a bit
“Do you know what kind of consequences you will face?”
Damian replied casually, “At worst, I will be expelled from the Peters family. But I have
my own career. I don’t rely on them to live.”
“When I met you at the bar, I thought you were just a hipster.”
Sasha leaned against the passenger seat and showed a smile.
“I didn’t expect you to be so bold.”
“You too. We are really a perfect match. Don’t even think about getting rid of me,”
Damian said.
Sasha sneered.
Then she deliberately scared him, saying, “If I don’t return to the company safe and
sound within an hour, then my assistant will call the police.”
“Will she call the police to arrest me?”
“Do you know the consequences of kidnapping the president of the Molina Group?
Moreover, so many people saw what you did just now.” Damian thought for a moment.
Then he asked, “Did you bring your ID card?”
“What?” Sasha was a little confused.
“We need to get married,” Damian said seriously.
Sasha was stunned, and then she suddenly smiled.
“Did you propose to me? Do you know what marriage is?”
Damian was so nervous that his forehead was covered in sweat.
“I have been bringing the ring with me all this time…”
“Seriously?” Sasha was shocked.
An hour later, they got married.
Sasha called her assistant.
“I’m fine. I just got married.”
When Alexa heard about their marriage, she was shocked.
She didn’t expect that Sasha would marry him like this.
That night, Sasha held a small party with a few friends at the mansion.
When Alexa and Terrence arrived, they saw Sasha standing alone at the door to
welcome guests.
Alexa handed the gift to Sasha.
Then Alexa asked, “Where’s Damian?”
Sasha said, “I didn’t ask him to come. It’s annoying to see him.”
Alexa and Terrence looked at each other, neither of them responding. When they
entered the house, they found that some decorations had changed.
There were obviously more things, and it was livelier than before.
Alexa tugged at Terrence’s sleeve.
She said, “Did Damian’s family ask him to return home?”
Terrence shook his head. “No idea. Did Damian make her angry again?”
“Didn’t they just get married?” Alexa lowered her voice and added, “The newlyweds
should be having a sweet time, right?”
Terrence said, “That’s not what the Rugg family thinks. After all, this is a matter of their
reputation. The cooperation between the Rugg family and the Peters family is
probably over.”
They chatted quietly over here, and when they saw that the guests had almost
arrived, they took their seats.
Sasha asked the servant to bring two bottles of wine from the cellar. She acted like a
hostess when treating guests.
However, she did not mention Damian the entire time.
Alexa could feel that Sasha was a little unhappy.
However, Sasha was stubborn, so it was impossible for her to say these things out
Damian only hurried over when the party was over.
He couldn’t wait to embrace Sasha as soon as he entered the room. Then, he nodded
to Alexa and the others.
Sasha patted the back of his hand.
Then she said angrily, “Why are you here?”
With that, she walked away on her own.
“Is Ms. Molina angry?” Alexa asked.
Damian adjusted the glasses on his nose. It seemed to be a little tricky.
He said awkwardly, “I went back to my house in the afternoon to do something. It was
my fault that I didn’t notice her emotions.”
Damian felt that Terrence should be quite experienced, so he asked Terrence how to
deal with this situation.
Alexa gave Terrence a meaningful look, also looking forward to his answer.
“She’s your wife. Think of a way yourself.” Terrence held Alexa’s hand and said,
“Apologize sincerely, and you need to coax her.”
Damian nodded.
After walking out of the door, Alexa laughed.
“Mr. Ramsey, you seem to be quite experienced.”
“I only treat you like this.”
Alexa looked at him and smiled.
“Many of my friends are jealous of me. They said that we have been married for so
many years, but we’re still so sweet.”
Terrence said slowly, “There are many ways to run a relationship. We just chose the
one that suits us the most.”
Sasha stood on the balcony and watched the two leave. She was envious.
There was a noise behind her. Damian went upstairs with a cup of coffee.
Sasha looked at the ring on her finger.
Damian had specially asked the designer to customize this ring. It took at least a
month to make the ring.
Damian had been planning to propose to her for a long time.
“I still can’t believe that I got married to you this afternoon.”
She rubbed the ring and seemed to be talking to herself.
“I have never done such a crazy thing in my life.”
“Are you unhappy?”
Damian embraced her from behind, and the fragrance on his body immediately
wrapped around the two of them.
“I can’t say what it feels like now.”
Even when Damian held her, Sasha felt that it was illusory.
It seemed that as long as she let go, everything in front of her would disappear.
“Sasha, my parents want to see you.”
“How do they treat you when you go back to your house today?”
“Good. But don’t worry. They won’t make things difficult for you,” Damian said.
It was normal for Damian’s parents to lose their temper because of the incident at the
press conference today.
When Damian returned, Reid even helped to persuade them. So they didn’t make
things difficult for Damian.
“The Rugg family personally came to cancel the engagement and terminated the
cooperation with the Peters Group.” “Then you have suffered a great loss.”
Damian smiled, “No. I don’t think I have suffered a loss. Instead, I think my parents
will like you very much. Besides, I will always be here for you.”
In fact, Sasha also wanted to meet his family.
After all, she had already married Damian, so there was no way she could hide from
She prepared a greeting gift and went to the Peters’ house with Damian the next day

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