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We Will Collide Someday by Scarlett Sanchez Chapter 472

Chapter 472 You Shouldn’t Show Up in Public
Damian told his family in advance.
Although Sasha was not very excited, she was a bit nervous.
“Damian, let me tell you something first. If your family doesn’t like me, don’t be angry,
and don’t argue with them.” She pursed her lips.
Damian chuckled. “Am I that irrational? But if they dare to make things difficult for you,
we leave.”
On the way to the Peters’ house, Damian had been holding her hand.
When Damian’s parents learned that they were coming, they had already asked the
servants to clean the house and even invited the relatives over.
When Sasha entered the door, Damian’s mother, Erica Browning, immediately handed
Sasha a gift.
“Sasha, welcome. We have been waiting for you for a long time.”
Erica was happy and immediately led Sasha into the house.
Damian stood at the door and was ignored by his mother.
That day, Sasha had a good time.
Damian’s parents both liked Sasha very much. No one mentioned the engagement
with the Rugg family.
In the evening, Erica asked Sasha to stay the night in her house.
Damian was called to the study alone. When he came back, Sasha had just come out
of the bathroom.
“What did your dad say to you? Is it about the two of us having children?” she asked.
Although Damian’s parents did not ask this question in front of Sasha today, Sasha
felt that this kind of rich and powerful family should attach great importance to babies.
“No, don’t be so nervous.”
Damian kissed her palm.
“They asked me to treat you well. They also asked where we were going to settle
down in the future.”
“My company’s headquarters is abroad. If we settle in New York, we may need to live
Damian was not happy to hear it.
“That won’t do.” He added, “I will go wherever you go. I can also go abroad.”
“Am I the only one you care about?”
Sasha smiled, touching his lower jaw with her fingers.
“Think more about yourself. You are my husband now. You don’t need to only care
about my feelings.”
“The Molina Group is your life’s work. I understand how important it is to you.”
Damian did not want her to worry.
“Moreover, the Peters Group has been planning to set up a branch company abroad
recently. I will learn more things and go abroad with you.”
“Okay, as long as you don’t regret it.”
The next day, Damian personally went to the Duran Group to talk business with Alexa.
Seeing that he was so happy, Alexa smiled.
She teased, “The people who are married are different.”
“My wife taught me well.” Damian nodded repeatedly.
Alexa smiled.
Then she said, “I heard from Sasha that you’re planning to go abroad too?”
“Yes. I’m going to take charge of the branch company’s business.”
“It’s pretty good.” Alexa nodded.
Damian was very talented in business and was not inferior to Reid at all.
Alexa introduced several familiar clients to him, and he successfully got the
“We are also preparing for pregnancy recently. Sasha likes children,” Damian said
with a happy smile.
“Has she fully recovered?”
Damian replied, “Yes. But it’s a little difficult to get pregnant naturally. We’re going to
go abroad to have a test tube baby.
“I wish you all the best.”
After Alexa got off work, she called Sasha to chat for a while.
But just as she walked to the garage, she saw Chad.
Before Alexa could speak, the bodyguards who were secretly protecting her appeared
one after another.
Chad smiled calmly.
“Ma’am, Mr. Ramsey wants to talk to you alone.”
Chad did not tell her about the topic of the conversation, but Alexa guessed that it
would not be a good thing.
“Please lead the way. I will drive my own car.”
Chad nodded and did not make things difficult for her.
Terrence happened to be on a business trip today.
Alexa did not tell him about this, but Edwin had already heard the news.
“Mr. Ramsey…”
“Go back immediately.”
When Alexa came to the guest room of the Ramsey’s mansion, Nina and her family
were also there.
Nina sneered and rolled her eyes at Alexa.
Alexa ignored Nina and calmly sat down on the sofa.
“Didn’t your mother teach you how to be a polite person?” Nina added unhappily, “The
elders have not asked you to sit.”
Alexa looked directly at the man sitting in the middle.
“Mr. Ramsey, if you have something to say, just say it.”
“Nina, you guys go out first.”
Nina gave Alexa a provocative look and reluctantly left.
“Sorry, my daughter has caused you trouble.”
“Is that so?” Alexa smiled innocently, “I think she enjoys it.”
Cory was not angry at all.
Alexa only felt that although Cory seemed to be kind, he was not a simple person.
“In the past few months since Terrence left the company, our turnover has indeed
been affected.”
“Okay. So?”
“I heard that he has been helping the Duran Group all this time. Is that right?”
Alexa calmly tidied her hair, “Well, we have the Duran Group’s shares. As a
shareholder, isn’t it reasonable for him to care about the development of the
“The branch company in France has returned to normal operations. Nina and I are
ready to go back. As for Terrence, he can return to his original position.”
“What’s the condition?”
“I hope you can give up the shares of the Duran Group and devote yourself to Hudson
Group’s development.”
“Do you mean you want me to give up my career?”
Cory said, “Women should not be too powerful. As Terrence’s wife, you just need to
take care of your husband and teach your children at home. You shouldn’t show up in
Alexa smiled coldly.
“Why are you telling me all this? What are you afraid of?”
Alexa stared straight at him. Cory was a little embarrassed.
“Weren’t you the ones who made mistakes? It should be your responsibility, right?”
“I was just reminding you out of goodwill. As for what to do, it’s up to you.”
Alexa silently showed a cold smile. She did not want to talk to him anymore.
She quickly left the room and found Nina who was eavesdropping at the door.
Alexa was not afraid of Nina.
This was also why Nina hated Alexa the most.
“Be careful on your way back. Don’t get into a car accident.” Nina smiled darkly.
“Thank you for the reminder, Ms. Ramsey. But you are the one who should pay more
attention to it, right?” Alexa glared at her coldly.
Alexa smiled sincerely.
“After all, you’ve done too many wrong things. Your retribution will come sooner or
“That’s all you can say to me.”
“For the sake of you being Terrence’s aunt, I have already been kind enough to you.”
Alexa’s face suddenly darkened. Nina was shocked by her.
“Don’t be too arrogant.”
After that, Nina turned and left.
Hyman walked over and saw the look in Nina’s eyes. He couldn’t help but laugh.
“Does that little girl scare you?”
“Little girl? No.” Nina gritted her teeth in anger as she added, “It is this little girl who
caused us to lose 5 billion dollars in a week. Many directors are dissatisfied.”
“So what? Doesn’t the board of directors listen to us?”
“We should be careful.”
Nina rolled her eyes in disdain and angrily left in her high heels.
But just as she passed by the balcony, she saw Terrence who was downstairs.

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