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We Will Collide Someday by Scarlett Sanchez Chapter 473

Chapter 473 He’s So Jealous
Nina curled her lips indifferently, her smile provocative.
Terrence quietly looked at her for a while and calmly withdrew his gaze.
He held a black umbrella, and his emotions seemed to be hidden under it.
When Alexa came out, Terrence immediately held the umbrella and went forward.
Ignoring the gazes of the people all around, Alexa jumped into Terrence’s arms.
“Why are you back so soon? Don’t you go on a business trip?”
“I missed you, so I came back.” Terrence gently patted her back. “Why are you here?”
“Cory wanted to tell me something.”
Alexa plainly answered. She did not take Cory’s threat just now to her heart at all.
But after getting in the car, Terrence still did not show a happy face.
The heater was on in the car, and Alexa took off her coat.
Terrence reached out to hold her waist.
Although he did not speak, Alexa could feel the possessiveness of his movements.
“What’s wrong? You look unhappy.”
“What did he say to you?” Terrence’s eyes narrowed slightly. “It shouldn’t be
something good.”
Alexa leaned in Terrence’s arms and did not take Cory’s words to heart.
“He hopes that I give up my career and become a full-time wife.”
As soon as she finished speaking, Alexa felt that Terrence’s appearance seemed to be
even colder.
“Then what do you think?”
Terrence’s tone was gentle. He was patiently waiting for Alexa’s response.
“I don’t want it.”
“OK.” Terrence kissed her on the forehead. “I respect all your choices.”
Alexa knew that Terrence would support her.
She said, “One of my friends has two children. She gave up her career and became a
full-time wife.”
“It’s not a woman’s job to take care of her family.” Terrence said strictly, “I don’t want
you to give up your dream, but if you feel tired, you can stop at any time and rest
before setting off again.”
“Terrence, thank you.”
“Why did you thank me?”
Terrence chuckled, and the darkness in his eyes vanished.
“This is your right. Everyone should be respectful.”
Alexa leaned in Terrence’s arms, and the cold and gentle fragrance on Terrence’s
body inexplicably made her feel at ease.
“You came back in such a hurry. Did you really finish your business there?”
“It has been resolved. Don’t worry.”
Terrence shook her hand to indicate Alexa was relaxed.
The next day, when Nina entered the conference room, she found that Terrence was
sitting in the main seat.
And several directors had been replaced.
Nina gritted her teeth and forced out a smile.
“What does this mean? Why didn’t I receive a notification about personnel
In fact, Nina had noticed what Terrence was about to do last night.
But she didn’t expect Terrence to secretly replace a few higher-ups of the Hudson
Group so fast.
There was no smile on Terrence’s face. Instead, he threw an investigation report on
the conference table.
“Ms. Ramsey came at the right time. You may need to give me a reasonable
Terrence had thoroughly investigated the matters of the branch in France.
A strange look flashed across Nina’s face.
“The branch losses have been resolved long ago. I don’t understand what else to
explain now.”
“You should be clear about it.”
Terrence did not point it out and then changed the topic.
“In addition, lots of shareholders feedbacked that you forced them to sell their shares
and manipulated the board decisions…”
“Where is the evidence?”
“The evidence is being collected. You don’t have to worry too much.”
Terrence’s attitude made Nina unhappy.
But with so many people present, Nina did not dare to flare up.
After the meeting, Nina stopped Terrence.
“I was just too unlucky. Don’t forget. I am the main shareholder of the Hudson Group.”
Terrence cast over a calm glance.
“Your good luck depends on your attitude towards Alexa, understand?”
Nina was suppressing her rage.
“Alexa will be kicked off from your family soon.” Nina provoked Terrence, “Her
existence is a threat to the Hudson Group. Many people in the family are dissatisfied
with her.”
“Dissatisfied?” Terrence sneered, “Who are you? So what if you are dissatisfied with
her? Ridiculous.”
Terrence did not mind disgracing them at all.
Nina’s face changed. She seemed rather awkward.
When Alexa came to the company with Verna in her arms, they were immediately
noticed by everyone.
Everyone liked Verna much and kept teasing the little fellow.
When Alexa carried Verna upstairs, she happened to meet Aron.
“How are you, Alexa!” Aron said with a smile, “Vernie also came? No wonder Terrence
is in a good mood today.”
“I didn’t tell him.” Alexa asked, “Is he busy?”
“No, he didn’t arrange any meetings in the morning.”
Alexa smiled more happily and carried Verna inside.
Terrence had just finished reading a document. When he saw them, Terrence
immediately got up and took Verna over in his arms.
“Vernie, you’re also here.” Terrence was happier.
“I’m out of the office today, so I brought Vernie to see you.”
They spoke a few words, but Verna had already messed up Terrence’s neat collar.
“Leave her to me.” Alexa sighed. “Otherwise, your shirt will be so messed up that you
won’t be able to meet the client later.”
“It doesn’t matter.”
Terrence allowed Verna to pull his tie and make trouble. He smiled gently.
“They can’t understand the happiness of having a daughter.”
“Edwin told me about the board of directors.” Alexa asked, “Nina didn’t make things
difficult for you, did she?”
“No, don’t worry.”
They chatted for a while. Sasha and Damian suddenly came in to send their wedding
“We are going to hold a wedding.”
Sasha and Damian looked at each other and smiled.
Damian wanted to discuss business with Terrence, so Sasha invited Alexa to go
downstairs for coffee.
She had been holding Verna. She liked children.
“When can I have a child?”
“It takes a lot of energy to have a child. After you deliver the baby, you will spend a lot
of time recovering.”
“I have talked to Damian.” Sasha mentioned, “I asked to learn from Mr. Ramsey.
Anyway, after I give birth to a baby, he will be the one who takes care of the child.”
“What about the Peters family?” Alexa asked curiously, “What do his parents think?”
“They didn’t pressure us, but they are looking forward to it.”
Sasha had planned to hire a professional nursing team to take good care of her during
her pregnancy and recovery.
Damian was willing to work hard and had long been studying professional knowledge
about looking after pregnant women.
“Damian also sent an invitation to Jeremy.” Sasha mentioned in a low voice, “I didn’t
expect him to be so jealous.”
“Jeremy must be regretting it so much.”
“His mother is scolding me all along,” Sasha said nonchalantly. “It is almost her who
has been spilling dirty words on me all the time.”

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