Whispers Of Betrayal by Camile Emest Chapter 70

Whispers Of Betrayal by Camile Emest Chapter 70

Chapter 70 

The mansion located in the middle of the lake was beautiful. The scenery and surrounding environment were impressive 


It was like a closed island surrounded by the lake, giving Anastasia the sense of security she wanted. 

After getting out onto the balcony on the second floor, Anastasia gazed up at the dark sky filled with twinkling stars. 

“It’s so beautiful.” Anastasia could not help praising. She wondered who the owner of such a house was. 

*From the aesthetic point of view, the house owner should be a very stylish person,” Anastasia said softly as she glanced at Jason. “Actually, a simple painting can be placed in the activity room on the second floor. It’s not needed anywhere else. Putting too many will affect the perfection instead.” 

Jason nodded. “Okay.” 

“Jason, Grandma is going to undergo surgery. When are you leaving Hork?” Anastasia wanted Jason to leave Hork because it was time for her to decide.. 

It was about keeping or aborting the baby. 

“Regardless of my decision, I’ll eventually have a falling out with Alastor and Felicia,” Anastasia thought. 

Jason frowned. I won’t leave.” 

“You know Alastor’s network of connections. Henry and Avery are courteous to him, and he has good connections in the business community and other social circles” After all, Anastasia had to admit that Alastor was powerful. 

It was very risky for her to go against Alastor. 

“Did he threaten you with me?” Jason clenched his fingers tightly. 

Anastasia remained silent. 

In fact, she might have been more unscrupulous if Jace was not involved. 

“I have already signed the divorce agreement. Alastor and I will soon have a falling out. I’m not someone who will sit back and do nothing.” Anastasia said in a low voice. 

“That’s why you waited so many years before sending your stepmother to prison. Upon returning. Jason heard Anastasia’s -stepmother, Meredith, was confirmed guilty of several crimes, such as intentional homicide, poisoning, and extramarital 

affair. She was charged based on solid evidence. 

Currently, a brain hemorrhage left Zeke paralyzed, Meredith was imprisoned, and Sienna had nothing left that she had to sleep on the streets. The latter’s former best friends did not care about her at all. As she could not even find a place to live, she could only rent a basement for tens of dollars рег month. 

Anastasia had always been cruel. Moreover, those were some scumbags. 

“Do you think I’ve gone too far, too?” Anastasia asked in a low voice. 

Jason shook his head. 

“As I’ve said, let me get my hands on those dirty jobs…” Jason said in a low voice after a long silence. 

He was willing to kill people for Anastasia, which he did six years ago. 

Anastasia’s eyes were reddened. After looking away, she uttered, “There’s no need.” 

She did not need to rely on anyone anymore. 

She just wanted to be alone until she died. 

*Anastasia, give me a little more time. I can protect you after I’ve done dealing with it.” Jason was a little anxious. He had been waiting for many years, and that was the last step. 

Over the years, he knew Anastasia had gone through a lot of hardships. He, too, had been working hard. 

He had been trying to get rid of all the difficulties to be with his first crush. 

However, she was already married 

Anastasia smiled. “Jason, the society is very realistic. What you think about protection and how I want to be protected are two different concepts. You want to protect me from being hit by cars and bullied by passers-by. Yet, I want to stand at the high ground and look down on those who have bullied me. 

What Anastasia wanted was protection with power. 

What Alastor could give her was something Jace couldn’t. 

Even Jace had grown into Jason, he still could not give her what she wanted. 


Anastasia was being realistic because she did not want Jace to be ruined by reality. 

“Jason, what you said is right. I have changed. I have become very realistic. I’m different from who I used to be…” Anastasia had been going through the mill in society for six years. 

With that, she was no longer Anastasia like before, whom Jace used to protect with all his might. 

“Jace, I don’t deserve it.” Anastasia wanted to cut her ties with everyone. 

She might die in the delivery room where she would give birth to the baby, or at any moment in the next day. 

Jason did not say anything but held Anastasia’s wrist. “Do you hate Alastor?” 

Jason could do anything for Anastasia. 

“No, I don’t.” Anastasia shook her head. 

“How about Felicia?” Jason’s gaze darkened. 

Jason had always been a man of few words and had always done things that made Anastasia feel lingering fear. 

“Jason, to this day, I don’t hate anyone. Don’t interfere in my affairs anymore. Didn’t what happened six years ago teach your a lesson? What else do you want to do?” Anastasia shook off Jason’s hand. 

On that rainy night six years ago, Anastasia waited a long time, but Jace did not show 

Later, something happened to Harold, making him almost die. Meanwhile, Jace went missing. 

Jace had gone missing for six years. 

“I won’t… act recklessly anymore.” Jason’s voice was hoarse. 

“Then listen to me. When Grandma Penelope’s surgery has been completed, take her away and find a quiet city to recuperate, okay?” Anastasia was almost begging Jason. 

“Don’t come back, Anastasia remarked inwardly. 

“You want me to leave…” Jason looked at Anastasia with a piercing gaze. 

“I hope you can forget me forever. Didn’t you live a good life in the past six years?” 

Anastasia took a step back. Then, she turned around and left. 

Looking at Anastasia, Jason felt pain in his heart. 

He was under the illusion that Anastasia would disappear forever if he did not hold her back at the moment.

Whispers Of Betrayal by Camile Emest

Whispers Of Betrayal by Camile Emest

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Whispers Of Betrayal by Camile Emest" is a suspenseful novel written by Kray, exploring themes of trust and deception. The story unravels a web of secrets and hidden agendas as characters grapple with the consequences of betrayal. With vivid prose and intriguing plot twists, Kray delivers a captivating tale of intrigue and mistrust. Read More novel First Love After Marriage by Flora Nancy

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Anastasia Lawson knew that a shotgun marriage to the rich and influential man was a red flag on its own. Coupled with the fact that Alastor Lopez only wanted to marry to fulfil the prerequisite for taking over his grandfather's company, it was disaster waiting to happen. Nevertheless, in the entire four years of their marriage, Anastasia was Alastor's perfect wife. She was obedient, faithful, and never suspected him of anything even when his ex-lover continuously attempted to ruin their marriage. After all, Anastasia chose to ignore the warning signs in her troubled marriage.Everything changed when Anastasia was diagnosed with cancer and found out that she was pregnant. This time around, Anastasia learned her lesson and agreed to a divorce. When she was certain that her marriage would end, there was a strange turn of events. Alastor refused to let her go after realizing that she was the one for him. Anastasia knew she was racing against time. She could not afford to give Alastor a second chance. But he was determined to get her back. Despite everything that happened, would Alastor be able to make Anastasia fall in love with him again? Or would it be too late? Read More The Ceo’s Convict Wife by Jennifer Mike

Whispers Of Betrayal by Camile Emest

People Also Question And Main Character

The main character in the story is Anastasia Lawson, a woman who finds herself in a tumultuous marriage with Alastor Lopez, a wealthy and influential man. Throughout the narrative, Anastasia's character is marked by her resilience and adaptability. She initially enters into the marriage under challenging circumstances but remains obedient and faithful despite the warning signs. However, when faced with a life-threatening illness and an unexpected pregnancy, she decides to seek a divorce, displaying her determination to prioritize her well-being and future. Despite the evolving circumstances, Anastasia's core character traits of strength, courage, and her ability to make difficult decisions remain constant throughout the story, making her a central and unwavering figure in the narrative. Read More Defying Fate: The Unstoppable Eileen
  1. Question: Why did Anastasia Lawson initially agree to marry Alastor Lopez?
  2. Answer: Anastasia agreed to marry Alastor Lopez primarily due to the circumstances of a shotgun marriage, and Alastor's desire to fulfill the requirements for taking over his grandfather's company.
  3. Question: What were the warning signs in Anastasia and Alastor's troubled marriage?
  4. Answer: The warning signs in their marriage included Alastor's ulterior motive for marriage and his ex-lover's continuous attempts to ruin their relationship.
  5. Question: How did Anastasia react to the challenges in her marriage during the four years they were together? Answer: Anastasia reacted by being obedient, faithful, and choosing to ignore the warning signs, even when facing challenges in her marriage.
  6. Question: What event prompted Anastasia to consider divorce?
  7. Answer: Anastasia decided to consider divorce when she was diagnosed with cancer and discovered that she was pregnant.
  8. Question: How did Alastor initially respond when Anastasia requested a divorce?
  9. Answer: Initially, Alastor refused to let Anastasia go when she requested a divorce.
  10. Question: What caused Alastor to change his mind about their relationship and try to win Anastasia back? Answer: Alastor realized his true feelings for Anastasia and became determined to win her back after initially refusing the divorce.
  11. Question: What is Anastasia's dilemma as Alastor tries to reconcile with her?
  12. Answer: Anastasia is torn between her past experiences and the new determination of Alastor to make things right. She must decide whether to give him a second chance or not.
  13. Question: Will Alastor succeed in making Anastasia fall in love with him again, or is it too late for their relationship? Answer: The outcome of whether Alastor can rekindle Anastasia's love for him remains uncertain, as the story suggests a race against time and conflicting emotions in their troubled marriage. Read more Novel The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming


In the end, Anastasia's unwavering resolve leads to a heartfelt conversation with Alastor. They reconcile, forging a stronger, more authentic bond built on mutual understanding and genuine love. Their shared journey through adversity proves that sometimes, even in the face of turmoil, love can endure and flourish.


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